Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wow - Thank you !!!!!

To say that I am a HUGE fan of Desire to inspire is a gross understatment. I have been reading it from the get go and to actually be on it is blowing me away. So a huge thank you to Kim and Jo. LOVED the post!!!!!!!

Maddie of Maddie's Nest: Thank you so much for your wonderful post about my ceiling fan drums - Ira is the best and I am so happy to share him with you and your readers. He really makes the most wonderful drums at the best prices!


  1. So great to see your home on Desire to Inspire!!!!
    Everyone just wants some of Suze's apartment :)
    Have a great evening Suze!


  2. Suze! I just came over to tell you that I just read the Desire to Inspire post...I am such a geek...got so excited to see your amazing place on this fab site, you would have thought it was my own apartment...and then of course I just had to read every comment too...!
    So cool!

  3. You both are so sweet! I am so excited about all of these amazing posts it is toooo cool.

  4. I just saw your space and what can I say?! I think it is simply wonderful! Glad to have found you! Will

  5. Congrats Suze, you deserve all the compliments from everyone!!

  6. Will and Helena - Thank you!!!! I am beaming! suze