Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gweneth's Temporary Pad in Tennesse

Annette Joseph transformed a two bedroom downtown Nashville flat to temporarly house Gweneth Paltrow and family.
It was a 10 day gut job and on Goop you can check out all where she got EVERYTHING.

Annette's Go to stores :
“My go-to stores are:”

Homegoods - “is my number one choice!”
Pottery Barn or Pottery Barn Outlet
World Market
Design within Reach
Mitchell Gold Furniture
Restoration Hardware
2 Modern
1st Dibs

Crosby Street Hotel Lobby - Brilliant

I had a major moment checking out the lobby in the hotel. It really stops you in your tracks.
Designed by Tim and Kit Kemp
Via Design Hotels

I went to see Sex in the City 2 last night at the Crosby Street Hotel screening room . I think I am the only person who can honestly say I loved the movie . It's like flan - there is no such thing as a bad Sex in The City. I loved the clothes - LOVED and it didn't hurt that I had a less than a second cameo as an extra. I am the one wearing the purple dress interviewing Miley Cyrus on the red carpet. It might have been the Moet & Chandon that made me love it so much since they did sponsor the film so as a good guest I drank a few glasses - YUM!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Samantha Pynn .. Color Master

The rooms of Samantha Pynn just make me happy , I more than love her use of color
Photos by Virginia Macdonald 
How divine are these pillow cases mixed with pink
This wallpaper is perfection

The chair that pics up the curtain that picks up the bed ! This is a room that makes sweet dreams happen.

I love a non working fireplace stuffed with wood - Don't ask me why. But that is not all that I love about these rooms

You know this kid will be cool.

I am drawn to lavender - Always!

This is the way to make straw blinds not only work but look fabulous

A printed curtain always makes the room

A stripe one does to

I want , need cry for this chandelier

Mixed pillows and a fig leaf tree = Genious

Round dining room tables are the way to go

Fashionable Ride

When you live in NYC your bike is a piece of furniture these are chic enough to be Seen and even ride .

Via Riding Pretty

Unidentifiable Paparazzo via

Lilly Pulitzer

Via prAna

Ironing your sheets .. seriously who does that?

In my attempt to style my own apartment, I realized that my biggest mistake was not ironing my sheets or bed spread. -Frankly, I just didn't have time- nor will I ever. It really does make a difference. I can't wait to share my pictures with all of you and get your feedback on the good the bad and the ugly (hopefully, no one will mention that! I read a blog the other day where the blogger yelled at her commenter's for saying mean things about her apartment - can you imagine? I subscribe to her philosophy of, if you have nothing nice to say, just don't say anything. The other little faux pas was not having enough of a variety of flowers so I ended up using peony in every room and just changing the vases. Lastly when you look at a photo in a magazine the room is practically baron but now I know where all the junk goes you just pull it out and then put it back.

This perfectly pressed bed never happened

It ended up looking more like this Via Furniture Store blog

Different ways to show the same flower

Boys with out Toys - How chic ?This room belongs to a four year old by Massucco Warner Miller

What the room probably looked like before

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coffee Table Perfection

I spotted this photo on photographer David Duncan Livingston's website - how chic is Lucite and rope? WOW!

Frank Roop.. Making A Statement One Room At A Time

Ok , I admit - I am having a major Frank Roop moment - coming from fashion it is no question that his rooms have been translated as "couture" - J'adore!