Monday, June 14, 2010

Chez Lisa..A Bloomsburry Life.. Before the book Deal

Many of you are familiar with Lisa Borgnes Giramonti from a Bloomsbury Life but to me she is just the coolest girl on the planet! I met Lisa in NYC when our kids were little and in a cute school called Poppyseed. Well, as our kids would jump around like mad singing silly songs, playing trucks and double fisting gram crackers and apple juice, Lisa and I would be chatting in the corner about everything we loved that inspired us. It was like meeting a mommy soul mate and I was so sad when she told me she was moving to LA? Little did I know how much fun it would be to visit her. Her home is beyond chic , her family so much more than special and her talent is endless. You read her words for free but she used to be a writer on Will and Grace and her needle points ROCK. There is just too much to talk about when it comes to Lisa but since I am much more into the visual I am going to try an attempt at capturing her eye. I feel so honored to be able to post these photos but truthfully I much rather have them in a divine book sitting out on my coffee table!

Before A Bloomsburry life .. The New york Apartment Lisa lived in that I had the opportunity to visit BTW - Can you guess what famous SNL actress bought it from her?
An embroidery of a very interesting dinner party Lisa is the one with the red hair. It took her three months to make this.

Lisa and her genius words of wisdom Embroidery Exhibition from the Acme Gallery in LA

The only person cooler than Lisa is her husband Piero . Their son Luca jams on the guitar and has a fantastic personality. If you had to choose a family to travel with this would be the one!

The House that makes you happy.

How fab is this door knocker?

This is where I wish I had my Monday Morning meetings - Don't you want to just chill there - DIGG the mirror the flowers the whole thing!

The Foyer
You have to admit that Lisa has guts and talent the kind that allows you to take an ikat bench and put it against a complex patterned wallpaper and make it work. I love this foyer it reeks of pleasant surprise!

I sat here and loved every second!
The Layout, color, comfort level, flow, eclectic pieces and vibe get a A+++++++++++++++++++++

The perspective here is drool worthy!

The wallpaper bookcases and fur bench make this room delightful!
The Dining room

Where great meals are born, Piero comes from a family of chefs and has a real talent!
I am so knocking off the flowers in the pitcher thing when I get home and isn't this banquette perfect?

Even the office inspires me - I generally don't love Turkish type rugs but Lisa makes me want one!
The office

I was having a moment with chinz before she sent me this picture of her bedroom - How cool would it be if she had a crazy wallpaper backdrop?
Another reason to use wallpaper in your bathroom.


  1. Her house is great, with a lot of personality, so I guess it reflects her, and that is the most important thing - to be a little bit skew-whiff but still look stylish and comforable . I love Lisa too (from afar)

    Lovely blog by the way yet another for me to read.... (small sigh)..

  2. Suze, Suze, Suze...

    Holy cannoli, thank you, I am so honored!

    I so remember that first morning at Poppyseed when you waltzed in with a two year old, six months pregnant, wearing sexy chocolate leather trousers, a megawatt smile on your face and I thought to myself, "I need to know that woman STAT!"

    Love you, love your new blog and I love your idea for my bedroom...!

    Much love,


  3. Lisa's home is tdf! Right now experiencing a new emotion...door knocker envy!
    Adore her blog, love your's too...the new look is great!

  4. I love that - Door Knocker Envy - Toooo funny :)

  5. Hi, Iam Andreia and brazilian. I'd loved this posts. Congratulations!!!

  6. What a stylish home! So sad that Lisa moved far away from you, but it's nice to know you have a home away from home when you visit the west coast.

  7. Hmmm...I follow her blog but I'm not sure I've ever seen a photo of her bedroom...and I've been dying to! Lovely post, and I have to say I'm in awe of any woman who can rock the leather pants while most certainly seem like a woman to know!

  8. Andrela - That is fantastic you found me - love that! Laura when you are pregnant you need anything that helps and Edyta- thanks always for the comments!

  9. Wow, I am speechless. I especially love that Fromental wallcovering in the foyer....spectacular!