Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Best Moving Company in NYC... Red Eagle

Etsy Via my pal Stephen Watson

My friend Deb told me about a moving company that specializes in divorced couples - she said that they make moving fun - can you imagine - Moving Fun?  Well, she is right, this is my 4th move with Red Eagle and I am actually looking forward to it.  They come to your house with at least 10 guys and in three hours your entire life is packed - it is AMAZING! People ask me why I am not stressed about the move and that's why. Now if I could only find someone who can unpack me on the other side. I once made the mistake at 8 months pregnant of not having them unpack me - if you have the $$$ always get the unpacking option - sooooo worth it!

Here are my top Moving tips-
1.  Anything you think you can live without DUMP
2.  Anything you are putting into storage- think about three years later whether you will still want it if not Dump
3.  Don't bring anything into the new space you don't Love - this is your chance - Edit!
4.  Remember Never be a prisoner to your possessions - there is always a Cosco and Bloomingdales on the other side.
5.  When you find your self totally freaking out and you will think about something that makes you smile. My happy thought is Tasha's bat-mitzva sign that read TOTALLY TASH! What is yours?


(718) 894-4353
6517 68th Ave,
Maspeth, NY 11385+4652
Ask for Mike

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back on the 3 beds in a room thing or how about 5?.

With three boys I try to imagine the perfect room. How funny is this one? I would love to see the modern interpritation or more so do it myself.

1945 Boys Bedroom by Armstrong - Why doesn't anyone make these beds now?

Cool beds Mueller Moebel

How Cool is this - Can you say PARTY!

The design of the Nested Bunk Bed, inspired by Matriochka Russian dolls that can unpack itself into several other dolls, is a solution that solves the sleeping arrangement in such a confined space, while able to free up space when it is not in use.

In use 

For more multiple bed options click here.

Who Else - Jonathan Adler- comes in brilliant colors!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Felling Cali! Blue and White!

The rental has all white furniture so I want to go in a totally different direction! Thoughts 

Via Decor Pad 

Via Katy Elliott  pillows by Enhabiten

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love this Room!

And this perfectly small Kitchen 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are You A Collector?

Authentic Shaker Boxes

My father who was the ultimate collector used to buy things in the hopes that when he died it would be the greatest Auction of all time. Well sadly it will be This  Labor Day Weekend in Vermont. I will post the link tomorrow. Here are some of the things that you can find at the Herb Yalof Auction.

Authentic Shaker Boxes he had hundreds! Oh and we found so many amazing treasures inside!

Brass Hand bells - at least 60.  On his last day he gave me a bell and we made a deal that if there was life after death he would ring the bell. Well the bell rings all the time but it is because my kids keep finding it and ringing it. I love that bell!

Herb used to buy other peoples collections at Auctions. He loved thinking that they spent thier whole life collecting Brass Candlesticks and that in one raise of the hand he could have their life''s work. So I really think he had at least 70 and he lined them up on the beams of our house from small to large. It was a spectacular effect!

He LOVED Secrataries but fortunatly for my mother the kind that look like this with the roll top - He had at least 6. Sadly none of us wanted any.


Oh and sooooo much more!   I used to be a huge collector of Glass paper weights, vintage purses,  and Bright cased glass vases which I still love. Are you collecting anything or in love with a collection you have seen? 

Thanks Jane for reminding me of
my Dad's  Seltzer Bottle Collection
phoyo Via Tablet 
Photo: Antique Seltzer Bottles by dnevill / Dan Nevill;

Isn't this piece AMAZING! This was in his Park Ave Apartment and it was stunning  
Lot No. 200: Inlaid mahogany armoire with drawers and doors. Bought at Harrod's London Approx. 7'10"
This is one of my fathers paintings - He had sooo many of these paintings that had eyes that follow you wherever you go. He was the only one who liked them . 

The Herb Yalof Auction will be held at the William A. Smith Gallery

W.A. Smith Auction Gallery in Plainfield, NH
When: Almost everything on Sunday and a few pieces on Monday  September 5  & 6 2010
at 1:00 PM and Monday
Click r_arrow here for a Detailed Listing

It is a two day Auction with other peoples stuff mixed in
For the LOTS click here 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Does this room make me look skinny? YES!

Nothing makes you look smaller than a massive painting of a horse mounted behind a standard size couch - LOVE it! 

Via Simon Upton

Monday, August 23, 2010

Michael Boodro Elle Decor's new Editor In Chief

WOW - Amazing NEWS . The beyond talented Michael Boodro has been named Editor in Chief of Elle Decor. I worked with Michael during his Vogue Days where he was know as a brilliant writer/ features Editor and I think he is FABULOUS! Elle Decor my favorite existing Shelter Magazine is in good Hands. Congrats Michael!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The most comfortable sleeper sofa in America Found

My mother found the most comfortable sleeper sofa in America after testing too many to count. She had a personal interest as she will be sleeping on it in my new house in Cali. It has a temperpedic matress and though I am not a huge curved arm fan - I want mom and the in-laws to be happy when they visit me.
And the sofa is..... drum roll please.... The Queen Carlton sleeper sofa from Crate and Barrel with a temperpedic mattress.  YAY and I am getting it in Navy!  Since the other furniture in the room is white I wanted to finally go for the Valentino Capri Vibe.  Thinking pillows any suggestions?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Little Fishy......Modern Fish Tank..Would You Do This At Home ?

This morning in the NY Times Style Section they features a story on The Six Figure Fish Tank - WOW! 

Credit: Matthew Williams for The New York Times

NY Times   Credit: Trevor Tondro for The New York Times

Via Fresh Home

Via Fresh Home 

This morning's NY Times   The sink from

NY Times   The labyrinth from
NEVER! VIa The Telegraph

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coffee tables for Thelma

Yesterday I had a fabulous lunch with my friend Thelma Golden and we had a great chat about decor. She just bought this Jonathan Adler  couch in this color and is looking for the perfect coffee table to go with any suggestions will be appreciated!!!!  Here are my picks .

My number one pick would be this amazing ottoman coffee table from Ralph Lauren Home but wait - What do we think of too much tufting? 

Love this suggestion from Living Life Out Loud  it is Plexi Craft 
Thelma could put something AMAZING underneath from Turquoise LA

Jonathan Adler 

Hudson Furniture 

In Mod  $215

In Mod

Monday, August 16, 2010

Turn Your Closet into an office.. Why don't you?

I have to admit I am OBSESSED with the show Clean House! I record it every day and fast forward to the end. How do people live like that - EWWWW! I am totally inspired to clean house all of the time and Edit all the junk out which got me thinking. Why not empty an entire closet and turn it into an office.? So much better than storing wrapping paper and tote bags  and boxes of stuff you don't care about anymore?

Via Apartment therapy 


Via Decor on A Dime 

Via SFGate 

Via Unplugged 

Via Decor Pad Via Elle Decor

Does anyone know where this image is from - I am desperate to see the whole house - It looks flawless. Via Decorpad.  It's