Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gone Fishing...Metaphorically

Hi Friends! I'm in Israel exploring the land of milk and honey, not able to make it to the intenet easily and therefore, not able to blog as often. Every building here is either beige or in ruins so although I'm spiritually inspired, visually I'm not there yet. I'm traveling with family and friends, one of which is decorator Julie Hillman who's mastered the art of travel chic. I have to buy her white Calypso scarf with the pom poms the second I get back--it looks good with EVERYTHING. Shalom and looking forward to connecting soon, around April 5.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Hermes Blanket and Why we want it

Why do we want to spend $950 on a partially cashmere blanket - because it looks AMAZING! I cant help that I want to jump on the band wagon heres why:
Via The Huntress Lives

Via Rebecca June
Windsor Smith's home
Chez Kelly Wearstler
Via The World According to Jessica Claire

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kara Mann.. guts and drama

Kara Mann's Mexican beach house happens to be one of my all time favorite spaces! Her rooms consistently WOW me had to share.

Lake Shore Penthouse

Ocean front villaVia House Home Design

Via Luxury Design Directory

Monday, March 22, 2010

Chez Toile

I love a touch of toile but it can go terribly wrong if you over do it. Here is Toile done right! Via Thibaut. India Wall Covering love with the vase
Via Ruthie Summers & Chapman Radcliff Home
Via RL

Meg Braff low Key toil
MMR Interiors
Via MMR Interiors
From Better Homes and Gardens Via The Comforts of Home
Via Slices of Beauty

Love the tiny touch in the bathroom Via Decor Pad
Don't even think about it! Only on Lady GaGa Via Visualingual

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Going to Pieces... I wish!

I have a fantasy.. I wake up race to the airport... fly to Atlanta ..take a taxi to the store Pieces... hang out buy everything... then come home in time to eat dinner with the kiddies. It is going to happen one day the only question is when. I love this store so much it hurts but I have never been there. I base this all on the Piece written by the fabulouse Interior Designer Vanessa De Vargas on the blog Decor 8

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pink and Yellow Chairs that make the room

I have two bright green chairs in my living room that make the room pop but my ultimate goal is to have my apartment feel like a bag of jelly beans. I could NEVER live in a beige apartment... You?

Via Fabulously French
Via Real Style
Via Alluminair
This room is from the Beaux Arts Mansion in St. Louis Via The Glam Lamb:
Liz Lange's House by Jonathan Adler Via House Beautiful
From the Loft Kelly Hoppen
Vincent Wolf room Via Veranda

Jelly Bean moment"> Via the huntress lives

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gloria Vanderbilt at Home

Gloria Vanderbilt at home... this is Glamour!
Photographer Jack Robinson's work is heaven but I warn you if you visit his site you will get lost in photographic fantasy for awhile. You can actually buy these photos with frame and so much more.

Via If the Lamp Shade Fits
Photo by Jack Robinson

This is just to divine for words - I adore a staged family shot that turns spontaneous Via the Jack Robinson Archive

Love he outfit in the room - I always love seeing someone overdressed matching their surroundings Via Divas The Site

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A great Eye....Amanda Nisbet

Amanda Nisbet Design inspires me. You can feel her passion for decor in the rooms she designs and shockingly she can make the boldest of bold appear calming. Note to self - say no to beige.

Images Via The Nest

From O at Home Via Material GirlsLove the lucite barstools and have been searching for something like this. I can only fit counterstools 26" any tips would be sooooo appreciated