Thursday, October 28, 2010

When I am not dreaming of a better home

So not sure if I told you but now that I am in LA - I am going for the TV thing so here is my reel Please tell me what you really think unless it is unkind of course! XO Suze

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What if?

What if I took all of your advice because it is all good - too good and I am DIGGING it!!!!!! YES - I feel I owe it to you all to at least try. So sadly I am going to share a the bedrooms which make me soooo sad - they are dark and ever so dreary. And then I promise to give you some eye candy back -  you have all suffered to much looking at the inside of the new chez moi.

This would work The chandelier in the master bedroom is vintage Baguès, the curtain and sofa fabrics are by Scalamandré, the mirror-top brass cocktail table is by Global Views, and the Lucite bench is from Anne Coyle Interiors. 

Photographer: William Waldron 
Designer: Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle 
Featured in: An All-Star Makeover 
Issue: March 2010 

Because these below clearly don't




Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Kitchen and dining room- HELP ME! What would you do?

I LOVED LOVED LOVED all of your comments on the Living room - LOVED! And any more you can share on these I would so appreciate! 

I wish I was kidding but this is the kitchen - one word OY! I have to paint this white - HAVE to!

Screaming for a makeover!  I wish I could paint this white and throw on a drum to cover up the ancient light fixture! PS - Does anyone know where I can find a massive lazy susan - this table is toooooo big I spend all night doing 360's by the time I sit down to et my family is already finished.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The reason why I love my new House

So What if the House is pink and there are more plants than you can count and the bathrooms are carpeted - How awesome is this back yard - Remember - It is a rental!  

This is our paddle tennis court and I keep trying to ply tennis on it and I end up hitting balls into my new neighbors yard - He has been more than cool about it - How divine are these flowers?

This screams NEW POOL FURNITURE!  PS those trees are covered with oranges - it is too wild!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Inside my rental that came fully furnished... The Livingroom

 I am sharing my rental house with all of you for the next few days and would love to hear any suggestions on how to tweak. It came fully furnished so anything I add is strictly cosmetic since we will live here 1  to 2 years.  I already put the brown pillows, the navajo runner and foliage  above the fireplace into storage so What to add? Here is what I am thinking - Cool green pillows, and I must find cushions for the two chairs since the ones on there are striped - What type of chairs are these - does anyone know? Help

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Iconic House ... If you could would you?

  To not just create an iconic space but to live an iconic life - is a personal goal one that I don't have the energy for right now :). But the true question is if you actually could live in an iconic house would you want to?

the Glass Pavilion in Santa Barbara


The Chemosphere House By John Lautner

2.  By architect Charles Deaton the “Sculptured House” on Genesee Mountain just outside Denver in Colorado

3. Dupli Casa by J. MAYER H. Architects. Dupli Casa is the residence near Ludwigsburg, Germany.

4. The Shell House designed by Artechnic

What Makes A bedroom Sexy?

I went to my friends house the other day and I have to say she has the sexiest bedroom I have ever seen.
Here are a few that make me feel naughty :)
Via Elle Decor ... Go Tribal! GRRRRR (hehehe) PS - I think those are love beads

The bed takes center stage as it should

What do you think makes a bedroom sexy? What makes it a turn off?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Are you a Matcher or a Mixer?

Fashion is a lot like decorating the matchers always want to be mixers but the mixers would NEVER be caught dead being matchers. Mixing is hard -  putting two things together that clash and work is a talent !  I have an equal love between matching and mixing - Where do you stand on this?

Some Mixing I appreciate.
Jason Oliver Nixon, and decorator John Loecke's home Via Country Living

What a fresh way to mix in a Turkish rug Via Peacock Feathers 

Furniture period mixing Via Kara Paslay

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Best Colorist in LA... Jonathan Gale

Why Can't All Waiting rooms look like this? Serge Normant's John Frieda SalonS

8440 Melrose Place
Los AngelesCA 90069

ph: 323-653-4040erge Normant at John Frieda

8440 Melrose Place
Los AngelesCA 90069

ph: 323-653-4040
fax: 323-653-1377

When I asked who THE BEST COLORIST in LA was,  one name kept coming up - A List Colorist  Jonathan Gale  with clients like Charlize, Sandra, Penelope, Keri Russel and Diane Keaton I figured why not ... so glad I did!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Modern Patchwork - First comes the furniture then the fashion

Via All The Things I Love chair by  Squint

Via All The Things I Love from the store Squint.

Via All The Things I Love

Creative commons

Via Squint
Via Elle Decor curtains by Cameron Prather

Monday, October 11, 2010

My New Favorite Artist... Patrick Hughes

This really Shows you how his work moves as you do when you stand in front of the piece it looks flat and as you sway from side to side it starts to move. This video above is poor quality but in 5 seconds gives you perspective.

How can I possibly describe the emotion I felt when I looked at Patrick Hugh's painting hanging in my friends home. I had to walk back and fourth at least 50 times and yet it never changed - the perspective made me delightfully dizzy and moved me beyond. The problem is in a flat still photo you could never possibly imagine the experience but video can capture it. Enjoy below. Oh how I dream of owning one ....If money were no object what artists work would you like to hang on your wall? I love these videos of the artist describing his work - heaven!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tassels SS11... Wear it - Live it - Love it !

I LOVE tassels - Was looking for great images and din't find much - here are a few that I love
Julian Louie Via Fashionising
Pucci SS11

Hate the suit love the hair and boots!
Gucci SS11

Diana Vreeland's Divine Door ... Why Not put a tassle on your door? Via Habitually Chic 

My lamp with a tassel I found at Jonathan Adler

the ceiling is covered in tassles at delicious Robata Bar - I was there amazing effect!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happiness is Jeanine Lobell's Fabulous NYC home

Totally beyond words and inspired - and even more divine on Glossy Paper in this month's Elle Decor - J'adore Elle Decor!

One room with tooooo much to love

Good vibes !
How she makes all of these things work I don't know but it does and it is fabulous! 

This is what I call guts!

Major wallpaper!!!!

Total fantasy! 
Styled by Carlos Mota • Photographed by William Waldron