Monday, June 28, 2010

Thank You Little Green Notebook

Thank you Jenny at Little Green Notebook for the fabulous post !!!!!  It looks fantastic.

  Bryn - Wow I am so excited that you taught me how to make my pictures larger - You have to do a post on that on your site!!!! You will get major traffic. XO Suze


  1. Thanks, Suze! Your blog is such a treat for me to read. I seriously could not be more jealous of your place. We're in the throes of finding an apartment on the UWS and I just keep dreaming of a big bright pre-war home like yours!

    Thanks again for the post!


  2. Her blog is great, isn't it? I was happy to have found your blog! It's been fun scrolling through it!

  3. Thank you so much Jenny!!!! HEather so happy you found it! Suze

  4. Your blog is lovely Suze, so happy to have found it through LGN...and your home is gorgeous!! I love all the paneling you have, and the grey color on the walls, stunning! I am a new follower!