Monday, June 7, 2010

Chez Moi Part 5... The Maids Room

In pre-war buildings (ours is a classic 7), there is usually a little useless room that they would call a maids room. I needed it to be a bedroom and I have to say it is one of my favorites. Click on each picture for a better view.

This room is really small and they were using it as a closet with a washer dryer and toilette. The window that you see here was looking into the hallway so I covered that entire wall with built in closets

I took this last picture a long time ago but as you can see there are two closets . A utility one behind the door and a closet with built in draws behind the sliding doors. We found a cool company , Easy Closets, that can make you built ins in a week and they cost 1/3 of California closets but look similar. My only tip is that if you do use them make sure you get the floor mounted version the wall mounted is not sturdy.

The color came out dark in the photo. It is called Blue Wave by Benjamin Moore and it feels like you are in the cote D'Azure.
The moldings gave this room charisma. The gray and white rug is another Madeline Weinrib and the bed is ikea.

The Marimekko print is just stretched fabric over a wooden frame.

The view is of the water so I wanted to leave it in the room the door opens up to the washer dryer below

Using subway tile on the vertical gives this tiny bathroom height and makes it feel so much bigger. The little mirror medicine cabinet was the only solution.

How convenient - You can change loads while you are in the can - hmm?

I thought a shower would be a little better and can fit two people :) so I put the washer dryer underneath the cabinets in the kitchen. I love the little carrera brick tile from Nemo tile NYC.


  1. Your home is stunning....there is that drum shade under the fan again. I think this idea is brilliant. Do you mind if I do a post about it on my blog (with credit to you of course). I think you posted the company that did these for you previously....I am going to have to give them a call. Would be a great compromise for the rooms where my husband is very adament about keeping his fan!

  2. It really was the best thing I ever did! Would love a post here is the info on Ira.

    Could you please credit Dan Hallman the photographer. Thank you.

  3. I have so enjoyed your home tour thus far. The apartment is beautiful, and I love that you've been so nice to post resources. Where did you get the feather blanket on the bed?

  4. It is actually from Old Navy. I got it as a gift around christmas.

  5. Love your style Suze! That gorgeous blue color is probably going to be the color my daughter and I will agree on for her room re do! Thanks so much for all of your great tips.

  6. Wait until you see the other two blue rooms tomorrow one is like a tiffany blue.

  7. Suze it's amazing!! I love the blue, so mediterranean
    Cant wait to see the tiffany blue room!

  8. Thanks so much. Doing my post tomorrow....spoke with Ira today...sounds great! Thanks again.

  9. I think your idea of a shower is a much better idea. Love the simplicity of it all, looks wonderful, Kathysue

  10. YAY so happy you like! the shower rocks.

  11. Although the idea of multitasking (in this day age) is an absolute necessity, I don't think "changing loads while in the can" is what any of us had in mind! HA!!! Too funny! Your house is amazing! I'll be following!