Thursday, September 30, 2010

Laquer in a Spanish House -It just doesn't work

I'm living in a pink Spanish house where every piece of furniture is the opposite of what I like. When I try to think of things I would like, that actually work in this house ,  it is a challenge. My latest need is a desk. My go to would be the parsons desk from West Elm but it won't work in this house of wood and wall to wall carpeting. My husband said that when  I buy things that I will HAVE TO take them to our next location - Do you think he can hold me to this? Last night I had a dream that I was going to create a new design movement a place where lacquer and raw wood can coexist - Do you think it is possible? So rambling on - my search of the second is for a desk. Here are a few I think I could like outside of this house. What do you think?


Campaign Desk from Arteriors. I

Sullivan Desk

This would work and is cheap enough that I can be over it and move on
$135 at IVG Stores

The following three are all Crate & Barrel
Phoenix work table
Hendrix Desk
Shadow Box table

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SemiPrecious... A Bead Salon AKA my new Hobbie

Today When I discovered SemiPrecious bead salon in Santa Monica - I was beyond excited!!!! It's a very cool store where they sell all of the beads you would find in  Barneys and Bergdorfs and teach you how to string it yourself they will also make you the jewelry you have been dreaming of at a very reasonable price. When I asked the Owner, Amy Weber  who shopped there , her first thought was Mindy Cohen, the  Facts Of Life Star.  Little did she know that Mindy was just outed as Brangelina's designated God Mother and that she is walking around with a big diamond ring that they gave her-  so if we see Angelina Jolie walking around with an arm full of cool beaded bracelets we will know where they came from.  
Love Miley's

This is from the store J' ADORE! SemiPrecious

If you come to LA - You must make it a stop.

* Just made three bracelets tonight - Thank you Amy and learned two things - 1- I LOVE beading and two - I need glasses!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Divine Textiles and another reason to love LA..Hollywood at Home

Today I had lunch with one of my favorite people in the world - Lisa Borgnes Giramonti of A Bloomsbury Life and she turned me on to a fabulous LA fabric store -Hollywood at Home ..Home to Peter Dunham Textiles-
I have been desperately searching for the perfect pillow to get that Capri Valentino look or the look below and low and behold John Robshaw had it all! I especially fell in love with the fabrics  from Martyn Lawrence Bullard  and then to find out that not only are his fabrics brilliant but that he is the talented designer behind all of the images below blew me away! 

Yes I know I have already posted the image below once but only because it moves me! Martyn Lawrence Bullard 

MAJOR! Martyn Lawrence Bullard 

Yes to anything that feels like India right now!Martyn Lawrence Bullard 

Love the cabinets and window treatments Martyn Lawrence Bullard 

Lisa Fine Textiles below - WOW!

Carolina Irving at Home and her textiles are amazing at John Robshaw

And here is a little funny story - Lisa and I were driving and I saw a women in a car in the passenger's seat  with a fabulous blouse on and   I couldn't help myself when we pulled up next to her at a red light I asked if they could roll down the window (which they kind of paused ) and asked her who her shirt was by  "Dries Van Noten" She said and then I recognized her - It was Jaclyn Smith looking AMAZING! To bad it wasn't KMART.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Martensen Jones Interiors ...worthy ideas to steal.

Lisa Martensen and Jan Jones dreamy interiors make me want to get off my rear and style my home! 
Perfectly styled books - color + position+ object= perfection

You don't need three of the same book that BTW no one has ever read nut it certainly looks good. I have this book and yes I bought it for the cover - Call me shallow!

Patterned curtains, the pouf, the tea cup, an antique chair with a great fabric  and and Hermes blanket - YES PLEASE

This wallpaper is AMAZING!!!!! This room is AMAZING!

I so could have done this in my kitchen but sadly did not have the vision. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Looking for Cheap seat cushion covers that look expensive.

I am sitting right now on my patio (yes I have one and I'm loving it) but the seat cushions are my least favorite color in the world mud mixed with black check and faded floral peach, black  and green pillows - EWWWW! As you know now this is a rental and at best I can only live here for two years (the owners want it back) so How can I cover these things with out spending a lot of money? Here is what I found so far but if you have a great resource I am begging PLEASE SHARE!

Love the palm green from Hayneedle for $54 but wish it was a little less. PS - I can't go white because there are kids running around constantly and I don't want to live in fear

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A couple of Things I Love

These light Fixtures found in Elle Decor of RL NYC APT  Photographer: William Abranowicz

This TV Stand Via Elle Decor same Ralph Story!   "In the living room alcove, thetelevision stand is a copy of an easel found in Paris and the desk is by Ralph Lauren Home."
Photographer: William Abranowicz

Flowers that scream I'm Rich

How much fun would this be?

The fluffier is better!

There is nothing more divine than driving through the streets of East Hampton to find house after house with perfectly bushy  Hydranga plants - it screams Rich! As a new gardener (and a clueless one at that) I had no idea that you have to replant your flowers every year. So I am going for the gold unless you can suggest otherwise. Big and fluffy suggestions please. XO Suze

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Orange you Happy

 I am 1 person away from three hundred followers - That is amazing to me since I am doing this just for  passion and because I love it!  I soooooo appreciate all of you who follow this blog and even more so the people who actually comment and inspire me. Just wanted to extend an enormous  thank you.

Yesterday I discovered that my lime tree was actually an orange tree. If you can try to grow an orange tree - the pleasure is immeasurable! If I could send all my followers a present this is what it would be! What would you send ?

Blue and green forever

Love this paint combo LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you House Beautiful and Steven Gambrel!!

The ceiling light and paint - Words can not express

Monday, September 20, 2010

Iconic Wallpaper.. that never gets old!

The Iconic Banana Leaf Wallpaper 
at the Beverly Hills Hotel

The Original Martinique Wallpaper - Beverly Hills Wallpaper

revisited by  Nicky Hilton Via In Style
Would You dare?

Happy Fabric

Duralee the go to for divine!

*image courtesy of phoebe howard via the Designer's attic

Via Veranda

Choose a durable solid fabric for the body, spice it up with elegant yet tailored details, such as contrast piping and diamond button tufting, like in Nicky Hilton’s pad, and voila: a perfectly glam dining set!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Living in the 70's

My new house is beyond 70's - Think green carpet bathroom and burnt umber painted kitchen cabinets. You know when you get totally obsessive over a decor problem - well mine is these cabinets - I HAVE to paint them white I can't take it!

PLEASE HELP with any tips on how to paint a cabinet. PS - An ant just crawled on my computer - AHHH the country.

The Kitchen kinda looks like this

This is what I would love it to look like:


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making a Statement

I want to do this ..... in a different way. Do you have a room to share that makes a statement?

70's bedroom - Via Katnip

Via Kishani Pera  Hat Drama

Via Jackson Paige  How amazing is this bird photo turned into wall paper - WOW

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shetter Palevsky Interiors ... Beyond!

How do you say DeGorgous Delightful DIVINE!!! Shetter Palevsky Interiors and this is just one project!