Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chez Moi Part 7... The Master Bedroom

Who needs a book case when you can have a shoe closet?

I think my absolute favorite part of this room is the shoe closet - I have one on each side of the room.
Lamp by Jamie Young. End tables found at a flee market by Matthew Suddock of M Design then lacquered. Bought the pendant drum lamp at Restoration Hardware

Hello Lover!

Had to do something with this wall so I made a huge closet just for me - it still isn't big enough

Love the light curtain it makes the room feel lighter and covers up my chaotic closet.

There were two doors to the closet so I closed one off to fit our king sized bed and made a walk in closet and so that I could wake up to the view.

Rug by Madeline Weinrib

One hideous sink

My husband always complains that when I wash my face I splash water everywhere so I was happy when our contractor told us that we could fit a double sink there.

The Bathtub needed to be donated

So we replaced it with a roomy shower that makes you feel like your in a waterfall.


  1. love the drum shade, love the rug, love the curtain, love the paneling, LOVE the shoe closets!!!
    sal x

  2. Looks amazing! so happy I found your blog, such inspiration!!

  3. Hi! First of all, great, great job! And what an amazing NYC apartment! We like to tell ourselves everyone lives in cramped shoe boxes there so we're not jealous.

    Question: Did you install a track to the top side of the frame for the curtains? If so, where did you get it? Thanks!

  4. I'm a new follower and I want to tell you how much I adore your space! You are a blog star on my blog post today! Thanks for sharing your incredible home. Really!

  5. WOW - So blown away by all of this and thrilled. Sal R - J - Will post the inside of the shoe closet as an add on. Emily - Thanks for the compliment so glad you like. Stephanie: The track is from the Shade Store Here is another link to
    It's called ripple fold drapery and the track is there.
    And Erin thank you for the fab post - you are too sweet! Suze

  6. it looks amazing Suze! And the shoe closet is yummy! :D

  7. I added a shoe closet to our room last year...when I say add...I mean I took over the linen closet in our bedroom! :) Two sinks is marriage saving in my mind! Gorgeous room, dying over all the MW rugs, so chic!

  8. This is such a beautiful transformation!! I can't believe it!! It reminds me of SATC!

  9. my jealousy reached it's peak at the shoe closet (s)!

  10. Beautiful! Your whole space is truly amazing. Now we need to a peek into your clothes closet!

  11. I just found your blog. I absolutely love it. I am in the middle of painting our master bedroom. Could you tell me the color of your bedroom? Thanks.

  12. High Heeled FITD - Have to wait on the closet - it needs to be color coordinated first - Tamara the bedroom is Iceburg by Benjamin Moore but I like the Iced cube silver even more. I love reading your comments!!!!

  13. Hi Suze,

    Just discovered your blog via serendipity (clicking around on the web and fell on here)... I LOVE your home it is gorgeous! Especially since it is so my style, too.

    I have a question -- I'm looking for a fantastic rug for my bedroom which would extend under the bed and come out on each side by several feet. Unfortunately, every single rug I like doesn't come in a size larger than 8' X 10' or 8' X 11'. It's frustrating! This happens again and again when I find a rug I like. Do you have any recommendations for companies that sell large rugs? Since your taste in rugs is similar to mine (gathering from the photos you post in general) I'm hoping you can't point me towards some places to look online.


  14. Suze, Thanks for sharing these great photos of your home!! I love your blog and will add it to my blog list.


    ps I drooled at the shoe photo.

  15. So glad to have just found your blog. You have amazing style and I love the brightness of your bedroom.


  16. Suze, this looks amazing so many good ideas in your room. Love, love the rug. It really makes a wonderful statement in the room, Kathysue

  17. just found your blog. absolutely love your home renovations! can't believe you have to move now. im sure your new home will be just as amazing.

  18. what is the color on the walls? is it ice cube silver? just stumbled on your blog and i LOVE it!
    beautiful work!