Friday, June 18, 2010

From The Right Bank Style Challenge.. Genius IDEA

Ally at From The Right Bank has issued a great challenge to sum up your design style in one photo. Mine Would Be my Den that was a dining room. I love a multifunctional room and the colors feel so fresh Navy, White Green and Black with a touch of Copen. I also am the president of the Madeline Weinrib fan club and show my support by having her rug and pillows everywhere.The view from this room is a huge water tower and the Hudson river - I have never seen such amazing sunsets. But my favorite part about this room is my dad's Eames Lounge chair that he left to me when he died - it was his favorite and I had it reupholstered . This may sound crazy but I believe he is hanging out in that chair getting a kick out of watching me and my family.

Bellow are some of my favorites that have been posted by other bloggers. Click Here to View more

Via Bright Bazaar
Via Tricia Loves Tricia
Via Sketch 42 It’s from the home of Oprah’s producer Ellen Rakieten featured in Elle Decor

Via Imagine


  1. Wow, such colorful images! I love those yellow doors with the bookshelf in the background! I'm loving your blog and I'm a new follower! Great stuff, Suze!

  2. Thank you Mary Ellen: And another thank you for following!!!!

  3. Wow! Your den is gorgeous! And I'm so jealous of your views. I used to have a sliver of a view of the Hudson from our place in New York. :) Love that gray on the walls to with the white trim. Thanks so much for participating in the challenge!

  4. I love your room. It looks so peaceful. I hope to achieve the same feeling in my home.

  5. Ha - I'm with you: can I be VP of the Madeline Weinrib fan club? I adore her!

  6. Just read these comments - Thank you and Right Bank - You are brilliant! Robyn : I list all my resources so you can have this look. S