Saturday, June 5, 2010


Merci - My new favorite store in Paris and the words I would like to extend to Edyta & Co. Interior Design blog for the fantastic post about Chez Moi. What I want to know is why do the pictures look so much bigger and better on her site ? Can't wait to share more.


  1. Ohhh thanks for posting! My mom and I may go to Paris this September so I will make it a must see.

    Also, the pictures are bigger on her site because her post margins are bigger. This is something you can change in blogger... here is a little tutorial!

    And thanks for the sweet comment in your post below about my reno & paint colors!

  2. Thank you :) Will check it out and try and change my margins :)

  3. My pleasure Suze!! I love to feature beautiful interiors and your apartment is one of them :)
    My blog template is different (I think the Minima Stretch) therefore I don't have margins as you do and I select to make the photos larger (you can choose what size you want your photo by clicking on it and choosing from the options-in the posting section).


  4. oops sorry for the multiple posts,, it gave me errors and I didn't think it posted lol

  5. Thanks to Edyta I found your blog and am enjoying it and now following so I can see more of your post!! I love blogland and how we all help expose eachother to new blogs. Glad to be on board,Kathysue