Friday, June 4, 2010

Chez Moi part 4.. Hallway and Foyer

Good news for me - I thought this was only going to last a week but It looks like it is going to be two. We still have a bunch of bedrooms and bathrooms and I just found the photos of how the previous owners decorated it. When you see them You will understand why we got such a good deal. If you click on each picture you will get a much better view.

Did You notice the dark floors - Changing them to maple changed the entire apartment. Plus I added Moldings everywhere completely changing the entire space.

The console and Mirror were designed by Matthew Suddock of M Designs and Made by PDI. The Perfect gray paint (Benjamin More Steel Wool) was suggested by the lovely David Jimenez. For all paint colors click here. The owl umbrella stand is from Pieces The chandelier got cut off but is by Crate and Barrel

True or False - This is the ugliest bookcase ever made - TRUE!

For the most disorganized girl on the planet - this has truly saved me. It is like having a little slice of New Jersey in Manhattan. Designed and made by Custom Resource. The bottom has individual doors so we all throw our shoes in there. The the baskets were made out of Chinese newspaper and I bought them from the container store. The little chalk boards are from Pottery Barn Kids and I initialled them so everyone could put their own junk inside. They are stuffed with shin guards and gloves. And lastly and my favorite - The fabric is by Quadrille on the bench - I love it and covered it with fabrite so when some kid puts his dirty cleats on top I won't cry.

The previous owners used this area to run their dog around - My kids play hockey here.

Thanks to ilevel - the ultimate resource these photos have that Wabi Sabi feel! I painted it all white to give it a gallery like feel but oh how I wish it was covered in navy and white zebra wallpaper - my husband isn't ready for that just yet.
All photos by Dan Hallman


  1. the entry hall is amazing, actually who am I Kidding, every bit is gorgeous!! Well done!

  2. like the maple touch...people usually opt to go dark, and this makes the space so fresh and bright!

  3. More beautiful photos!
    Thank you Suze- I will be sure to give all the proper credits.
    I will make it a weekend post :)

  4. Your foyer is the mirror and console...and really love the color. This kids must have a ball playing in that hallway!

  5. Ok I've been out of town for a little bit so I was just catching up!

    AMAZING! I swear every room is just amazing! What a beautiful and fun space to live in!

    I need to get myself invited over for tea! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I love your style and your apartment! Amazing before and afters! Its gorgeous. You need to rename this blog "Dweller That Does Not Need A Decorator"...seriously, it rocks!

  7. Suze,
    Thank you so much for featuring one of our Pieces! We absolutely love what you have done with the renovation, so chic! It really is amazing. We look forward to future posts.
    Pieces, Inc

  8. WOW - That means so much to me coming from you. Thank you Susan - looking forward to coming to your store. Suze

  9. High heeled foot in the door and The Zhush - thank you so much for the divine comments - J'adore! Suze