Friday, January 7, 2011

10 Big Decorating Mistakes Part 2

6. Tooooo Many Tchotckes..
I'm talking about little glass blown animals, angels hanging on your windows, refrigerators covered with stuff and so many collections it looks like the 76th street flee market but uglier.

Do This Via Martha Stewart

Not This  The worst of all... I can't breath

7. Ugly Lighting:

Do This
Via Here   A chic white drum always saves the day

Not This

Are there people in the world that still like Tiffany Lamps - I know I hate them!

and I can't even speak of this - OY!

8. Picture frames everywhere

Do This
Via Elle Decor - I like all black or White Frames against a white wall - tres chic

Not This
Via Ugly House Photo - I feel dirty looking at this!

9. Thinking the Foyer is a storage space for dirty sneakers and bills or  Clutter

Today I walked into a home and the second I opened the door I saw a huge  stack of bills hanging on the wall with keys - She said organized I say depressing.

Do this:
Via Decorpad

Not this... can you smell it?

10. tacky Media wires and placement

Do This: More ideas here 

Don't do this:Even my 4 year old said this is nasty then I told him it was a fire hazard


  1. Ok these are so so so bad. I feel like I can smell how bad they are.

  2. Whoa- that's quite a collection of fugly!The one I struggle with most is too many tschoskes. Editing is tough! I am crazy for that Decorpad foyer, it's magnificent!

  3. Haha...these r so funny!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  4. Wow...those pictures are something...can't help but feel guilty while giggling??!

  5. I detest clutter, I actually had a physical reaction to that plant filled room! I think I need to lay down for a minute and compose myself.

  6. For some reason, I feel like I need to shower after looking at all that . . .

  7. These are awesome! I agree, too many knock knacks and haphazard pictures drives me nuts - so do wires! I want to live in a completely wireless world :)

  8. I laughed and laughed with this fab collection. You must have had some fun putting it together! Love the stairwell and the photo montage shot - and I could imagine a super dinner party under the white drum lampshades. But the rest? Oh dear....

  9. I did have fun Virginia - Makeovers are in my blood! I love doing this blog - and I am so shocked and flattered people I have never met check it out! It is such a high. Suze

  10. I am dyin' for one of those white drum shades...