Monday, January 10, 2011

Fireplace Do's and Don'ts

My Friend Buffy asked me what to do with her fireplace "what to do above the fireplace please. symmetrical or not? i am obsessed and have not been able to find anything inspiring."  

Buffy: Definitely NOT symmetrical! Take everything off you mantle ... go ahead I'm waiting..... OK now put tall flowers on one side in a white Ikea tin pitcher  ($19) and a small white ceramic bird on the other side et Voila you are ready for a Elle Decor closeup.  Here are some mantels that I give the thumbs up to.


 Love this ... Clean simple chic... Hate when there are to man Tchotchkys on the FP. Via Decorpad

Elle Decor
See Tall... Small - I found this exact pitcher from Ikea 

Via Decorpad

Elle Decor... One Bird thats it!

Elle Decor  tall flower small sculpture..... 

 Tchotchke Overload....EEEEEWWWWW
Via Ugly House Photo

Here is a good example of why symmetry blows! 

And another ...Beyond boring!

And another   Via Decorpad

IF you Have Any Questions please ask away - I love being inspired so thank you Buffy. 

PS... I did a post awhile back on what to put inside the fireplace.. check here 


  1. Love this post. I couldn't agree more.e Symmetry is so boring. I think the only place I really like is in bedrooms.

  2. Beautiful inspiration and I'm with you- pass please on the symmetry.

  3. I'm loving these do's and don'ts posts. I would love a post on how to approach paint colors when you have an open floor plan (and your entire home is painted in a boring shade of tan! I can provide pictures for the don't section!)

  4. Karen - Send me the don't shot :) I will check it out :)

  5. Great suggestion! Love the inspiration shots and again, really bad Don't shots! :)

  6. Great advice with beautiful supporting evidence!

  7. this is the perfect post at the perfect time! I'm perplexed at what to do with our mantel! This helped a bit, but I will be sending over a shot of it to you to get your advice hopefully! Think west elmish painted white brick fireplace with a huge white deer head (Z gallerie) and thats it so far!

  8. It was really amazing time for me when I enjoyed warmer blow from the fireplace. Now I am planning to bring new fireplace for my bedroom. I wish that I find so.

  9. Your fireplace is really giant. I love your work.I have also decorated my fireplace on Christmas day. But I missed to hang stock on fireplace.