Monday, January 24, 2011

Hot Topic... A DIY girls Pet Peeve that you all need to hear.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE reader posts - LOVE and today I got a good one from GF

"Ok, I love this blog. This is a snarky comment but more of a general snarky comment than one focused on exactly what is posted here. Disclaimer done.

I am a DIY'r when it comes to painting and such. Why to so many people say "I painted the kitchen" when they hired it done. Wouldn't it be more accurate to say "I had the kitchen painted" or "Fantastic Painter David just finished with a fabulous coat of white in my kitchen"

I am less irked when it is a much more complex task or group of tasks "we built a house" I get because even just picking a lot and floor plan and letting the builder do all the work is really rather hard. Versus grabbing a paint chip and calling David."

Well GF I get it BIG TIME! Won't happen again - promise! And thank you because it is something I have NEVER thought about but makes TOTAL sense.  I would never paint my own kitchen because I have done it before and it was a disaster. I do however have a friend her name is Kate Betts who used to change the color of her apartment with the seasons and did it herself - I was always so impressed by that - It stuck with me all these years later. How often do you change the color of your walls and do you Paint it or employ someone like David Fantastic? 
Image Via Color Fast  - I am loving the double Melon  (Cantaloupe and Honeydew)- You?


  1. I change the color once a year in at least one room. I love those orange walls!

  2. I Love them too! Thank you for posting Chrissie.

  3. Makes total sense - I come across people mentioning often that they did something when it was someone hired to do the work. I always paint my walls myself (even though I don't enjoy it!)

    I've passed along the Stylish Blogger Award to you on my blog today if you want to play along...

  4. I do the actual painting myself because strangely enough I actually love it. Well, it is a love/hate relationship. We had a friend do the priming in our place now because he had the sprayer and I wasn't to be trusted with that but other than that it is always all me.

    In our old place I changed colors every few years. We move next week to the new house and it is just freshly painted so I'm not sure my re-painting schedule yet ;)

  5. good point, noted! and what a fantastic color combo, jealous of their arches.

  6. I have a pet peeve too-when design bloggers talk about this great diy project that saved them a bundle then casually mention that their husband or father, a carpenter or contractor did the work. If you aren't blessed with free labor that's great, but not all projects are diy friendly for the novice diy-er.

  7. Hysterical Suze because the other day when you said it I thought the same thing! I wouldn't have called you on it, but I did think "she didn't paint it, she called someone" :-)
    Regardless - Love your blog and I use to paint myself and now I call "Jonathan" he's so much faster and better at it then me, so now I change the colors out more often because it takes no time at all!