Saturday, March 6, 2010

Television in the living room - ABSOLUTELY!!!

So many people are against putting a television in a living room but I have to tell you that no one will go in there unless there is one. The living room is the best room in my house and I was totally against it at first until I realized that it would help me get the specially designed book cases I was desperate for and it would mean that I wouldn't have to watch the Rangers 24/7. My husband begged me so I cut a deal - I get the book cases and he could put the TV on one of the shelves. It was a win win. I actually love having the TV on the bookcase because it isn't so in your face. Here are a few more ways to have one in there

Dark Wallpaper makes for excellent camouflage
Put some black and whites around it

Hide the clickers! Boxes from Angus & Company.

All images Via Style at Home


  1. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog and love it so far! I'm excited to follow another fellow decorator lover! Anyways, I love the remote boxes- it's hard to find modern and stylish ones! You can check me out at

  2. Hanging chairs are so fun and hip, but my reality would be swinging children...not so fun!

  3. Please post pictures of your living room!