Friday, January 28, 2011

The One Thing Every Decorator Hates (but every home needs)!

The  junk spot - A place to throw your keys , mail, newspapers and general crap. Do you have one? I do and it is over flowing. Would love to know what your put your stuff in. Here are some suggestions

Buy Here - I know - I love it too.

Via Apartment Therapy - maybe in my dreams!

Via Martha.. This is exactly why we love her!
Via Here  . For some reason this does not feel too kidish but loose the stuffed animal please.


  1. I love the look from Apartment Therapy. I think it's an achievable look on a budget too. Now, keeping it looking that organized, that's another thing.

  2. Some how my stuff ends up in a corner on the kitchen table, which my husband hates..... It doe look messy, I must admit ;)

    Northern Light

  3. Keys stay in my purse, hubbies in his pocket or drawer. Mail sorted immediately and bills put in bill drawer, magazines put in magazine basket. I have a junk drawer for misc. In fact I posted on organizing it. I can't have stuff out, I am quirky like that, kind of a neat freak!! Kathysue

  4. I have a junk drawer. Matter fact in my former house I used to have a junk room. Just awful. I have since recovered from that. I still have the junk drawer, but it just houses batteries now (and a few other things that will remain nameless).

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  5. That is soo cute. I am going to have to buy one because i am forever and ever losing my keys. I love this what a cute conversation piece...and what an adorable gift. Thanks!

  6. That desk! I NEED THAT DESK!!! Great find.

  7. Love that key! So cool! Need this for our new house.

  8. That is so true. Hard to find a perfect junk spot.