Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 Area Rug Rules you need to know and What not to do!

1.  Arrange your furniture first - The size of the room means nothing!

2. Personally I am against having an area rug under a dining room table - It's yucky to think about all the food that drops into it - Unless it is the Bolon Mat but if you do believe in the rug under the table make sure the chairs are on the rug not half on half off.
Happily Rug Free
Chez Meg Ryan in Elle Decor

I can't deny that this is chic
Jonathan Adler for Liz Lange

DO NOT go Too small

3. Under the bed - at least 12" to the right and left but at least 18" for a king or queen

This Works:

This does NOT!

4. Furniture should be all on or all off an area rug - not half on half off.
Good : All on Via Elle Decor

Good:  All off Chez Amanda Peet Via Domino

Not Good : half on half off

Or this - WAY to small - soooo bad!

5. In the bathroom - smaller is better wall to wall SUCKS - I'm living with it now. And what the heck is that extra rug on top of the rug that people put around a toilette -  gross!

Do This!

And definitely NOT this: OMG who puts an area rug on the toilette? And aren't you glad this isn't a scratch and sniff blog? The other one is tooooo small. 

PLEASE comment and tell me your rules- Would LOVE to know. 


  1. Lucky Meg Ryan, what a great room! My dining room is rugless, primarily because I have a toddler! I keep wanting to do something (anything) to our dining room to make it more attractive, but at the moment, it's just a food fest (and project central). I'm thinking of getting a great pendant light, and starting from the top down!

  2. Again- adore this series and you're again, right on the money. I'm in the rug under the table camp though- part of it is I just like the way it looks and the other point is that it saves my wood floors from the kids/chairs constantly scratching them.

  3. After looking for the better part of a year for the "perfect" area rug, I realized the perfect rug was NO rug. Its gross to think what the dogs do on it, all the smelly feet, food, and even if you vacuum all the time its still gross. So no rug for me.

  4. OMG!! You kill me! The bathroom toilet rugs are foul! Whomever invented that should be shot. jkjk!
    I am having such issues wih a rug to go in my dining room bc 1. gross factor of stuff dropping on it, 2. the size with the chairs falling off the edges.

  5. Love these helpful informative shots. Meg Ryan's space is just spectacular. And at the other end of the spectrum that truly dreadful last bathroom shot!

  6. Too funny....bathroom rugs YUCK! Anyway, good post....and good advice. I personally love an old antique rug in the dining room but removing the chairs and giving it a good vacuum cleaning is a must once or twice a week depending on how often its used. I dont' put a rug in the breakfast room because A. its used so much and not practical and B. its a more casual space.....good one!

  7. Also please check out my new blog about the building of our new home and my love for decor and design (a little over two weeks old and I promise I won't show any bathroom

  8. I love your advice and totally agree that a rug under the dining room table is a huge no-no as chic as it may look. What do you think about putting a runner next to a bed that is up against a wall?

  9. I like the use of a "real" rug in a bathroom instead of the typical bathroom rug. We use a runner in front of our sink because our master bath is longer than it is wide. It makes it feel more like a room, not just a bathroom.

  10. WALL TO WALL IN A BATHROOM? That is grosss!!!!

    I have seen some cases half on and half off works... but its rare, it has to be a situation where you dont really notice it. But its not impossible.

    Also, any rectangular rug that is angled off the furniture is horrible. Cowhides are allowed to - and should be- angled.

  11. Suze great post, that last picture just about did me in!!! I can't believe they still sale those sets, Yikes,Kathysue

  12. Your last comment is hysterical! I can only imagine my 3 boys' bathroom as a scratch 'n sniff! I have hard wood floors throughout the house and since I don't have the budget for beautiful antique area rugs, I stick to great sisal or seagrass rugs from Pottery Barn - they wear great and are so stain resistant.

  13. WOW! great match really like the combination the positioning and the angle where area rug has been placed. Nice to have that soon!

  14. Love the chevron rug and yellow chairs.

  15. Rule #1 -- If you live in an apartment or condo with dwellers below you, you need to have a rug under all of the furniture (plus padding) and over approx 70-80% of your hard floor surfaces, or you will have an enemy for life! If you do not do this and your neighbors complain, they are not oversensitive, out to get you, unreasonable or mean. They are desperate and cannot live with your noice and with being woken up, kept awake or tortured by the constant clomping of shoes, dropping of items, dragging of chairs across the floor, along with noise being conducted thru your furniture thru the floor and into their homes -- yes, even that Blackberry you place on your nighstand vibrates thru the nightstand thru the bare wood floor and into their bedroom. They are not exxagerrating, lying, or mistaken and yes, they know that rugs will not "eliminate" the problem, so don't insult them by pretending that's what they said. Just get rugs and the problem goes away.

  16. i love the number 2...the Jonathan Adler for Liz Lange.. love the color combinations... Great post!

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