Sunday, January 23, 2011

LA Contact list

Well - I did it - I painted the kitchen white and though it looks soooooo much better it also brings out how ugly the floor and ceiling are oh and that I need new curtains STAT.
As I progress I must share my resources.
1. Painter David - 626-590-3532
2. Painter Freddie - 213-300-3648

Slip Cover guy
Louis - 323-459-4078

If you care to share your favorites please do! Thanks Suze


  1. Please share pictures of the kitchen. I would love to have a white kitchen as well.

  2. Ok, I love this blog. This is a snarky comment but more of a general snarky comment than one focused on exactly what is posted here. Disclaimer done.

    I am a DIY'r when it comes to painting and such. Why to so many people say "I painted the kitchen" when they hired it done. Wouldn't it be more accurate to say "I had the kitchen painted" or "Fantastic Painter David just finished with a fabulous coat of white in my kitchen"

    I am less irked when it is a much more complex task or group of tasks "we built a house" I get because even just picking a lot and floor plan and letting the builder do all the work is really rather hard. Versus grabbing a paint chip and calling David.

  3. Let's see the pictures!!!