Friday, January 22, 2010

Paint Colors I Love and My favorite painter in NYC

First Step - Buy this book House Beautiful Colors For Your Home Every Designer tells you their absolute favorites. It helped me find out what colors my husband liked and I went in that direction

Second Step hire a great painter who can handle painting dark colors next to white moldings, some painters take FOREVER and others Rock! My personal favorite in NYC German (pronounced Hairmon) 917-915-1594

My friend Nadine came over and asked me a common question - What color is on every wall of my apartment. Truth be told I really went crazy deciding on paint for my apartment and I have to say that in the end I am more than happy with my choices. There were moments when I painted a wall only to say eeeww and did it over again. Sadly, Since I live with all boys, I could not embrace fuchsia or candy pink which I would have loved and my husband's favorite color is blue.

I promised my friend Nadine that I would give her every paint color in my apartment so here is.

All are by Benjamin Moore.

Living room.Dining room:
Iced cube Silver - It is the perfect happy gray think Christian Dior Boutique in Paris

Den: Iceberg - I read in the house beautiful Color Book that Ruthie Summer's lives for it and I used it in both my Bedroom and Den which both get a lot of light

Foyer: Steel Wool

Via 111o Watauga Street

Little Boys room: Blue Wave - Someone said that it was like the Cote D'Azure J'adore!
Here is an example on the roof

The Navy Room: Patriot Blue. Decorator David Jimenez told me to go for it and my son could not be happier it is so dark but I have white moldings that I did in high gloss and a lot of white to break it up
Via Domino This is how it looks in a room - DIVINE!

The Tiffany Blue Room: Fairytale Blue The color was given to me by Vanessa De Vargas from the blog Turquoise as her favorite Turquoise and it truly looks like the color of a Tiffany Box
Via Grace Home Furnishings

Would love to hear about Paint colors you Love living with.

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