Friday, January 29, 2010

Eames Lounge Chair.. to be or not to be

I grew up watching my dad enjoy his few seconds of relaxation a day lounging on his Eames Lounge Chair. The chair was an ugly muddy brown and I had no idea how iconic of a piece it was until he recently died and left it to me. It happens to go with nothing in my apartment but I desperately want to sit on it everyday and figure out a way to not only convince myself but my husband as well that it could work in our hollywood regency / mid century modern with a twist of 2010 apartment. My gut tells me to reupholster it in white leather or vinyl that feels and looks like leather but can withstand the munchkins living in my home and their little visiting friends. Would appreciate any thoughts.

Via Atticmag

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  1. the chair is super chic. reupholster it for sure! there's something so special about having a piece past down from another generation and being able to update it and find a place for it in your own home.

  2. Well this is really interesting post. I like your Eames Lounge Chair.