Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flowers..my cheap fabulous florist revealed.

To me flowers make the room but of course I never have time to pick them up so often my apartment lacks! Silk flowers are out of the question. I also usually like to keep one type of flower in a vase no stems or leaves and always use Rosa Rosa at (212) 935-4706 at 831-A Lexington Ave in New York. Speak with Mohammed and if you send him a picture he will copy it to perfection and so inexpensive!!!!! I found him through a friend who told me he was her little secret. Here is some insperation

Via Poppytalk
Via Martha Stewart

Via Martha Stewart

Via House beautiful

Via House Beautiful

Miho Flowers in NYC my favorite!
Miho Kosuda Ltd
310 East 44th Street, New York, NY 10017-4424
(212) 922-9122‎
Good way to transport flowers Camila Alves (usually I put them on the top which is not a good move)


  1. Great post, Suze! I never know where to get flowers and I never know what to ask for. Thanks a million! XO Carolyn B

  2. Thanks Carolyn. Ask him for the Roses tightly packed no stems! in a fishbowl all white works Suze