Monday, January 4, 2010

Decorating Resource List ( that I would cry if I lost)

ILevel Amazing service with a smile :
Atsushi in my apartment turned me on to Wabi-sabi.

To Hang Art or photos

ILevel, Inc.
37 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10003
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Phone: 212.477.4319

As Atsushi hung the photos in the Wabi-sabi method, I took note of a few of his methods--all of which could easily work when it comes to getting dressed!

1) Don't worry about having everything symmetrical, and matchy-matchy. The slightly "off" look can actually feel more naturaland cool than a really prim, pulled-together look.

2) Add a little white in the ensemble to keep different colors and shapes from looking too busy or overwhelming. (in Atsushi's case it meant white walls, in terms of an outfit, it means pairing a wild-looking separate with a simple white blouse or white pants.)

3) Have fun with it! Watching Atsushi playfully mix and match things reminded me that design (and getting dressed) shouldn't be about subscribing to a set of super rigid rules. It's that unexpected element that really makes things look fresh.

David in my old apartment.

I almost lost 5 of my best decorating contacts and I have never been one to hoard so I will share with who ever might be reading this blog (is there anyone out there?) just to keep them in one place. If there is anyone out there reading this and you have some good contacts to share please add to post. My definition of a good contact is not to expensive yet great quality!

To Laminate Fabric so your messy kids cant destroy it
Fabrite Laminating Corporation
70 Passaic Street
Woodridge, NJ 07075-1004

To Spray furniture or Lacquer
J & J Upholstery
425 Fairfield Avenue, Stamford, CT
(203) 353-0703‎
or Cell
Ask for Junior

OR to Make the most amazing Furniture
Props Display And Interiors or
Ask For Steven
Props, Displays & Interiors Inc.
132 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

PDI made this mirror and the console for me (designed by Matthew Suddock of M design )

Hate your ceiling Fan's hideous light fixture
This is where I had a drum made to hang under my ceiling fan that was featured in Domino
Click for website HERE

See below my ceiling fan makeover - sooo much better no? This was shot for Domino in my old apartment.

Favorite Upholstery Contact
Diamint Tel: 914-214-8729
Fax: 914-214-8730

. Speak to Elias
They are so nice and did an amazing job on my chairs

When you buy ugly Ebay Chairs and want to reinvent them:

White Pleather that really looks like Leather!
Majilite Attache White JXAWB2S. The phone number is Design Professionals 978.441.6800.

Great Painter not too expensive and can handle painting dark colors next to white moldings - German (pronounced Hairmon) 917-915-1594

Contractor Brian Forester BJF Construction : 917-320-2005
Will his right hand : 917-744-8726

Electrician: Peter Petrov 917-586-6443


  1. Suze,
    A friend of mine who works for Marc sent me your blog. I used to work at RCG too. You've got some awesome resources here and I love those images from domino. I'm a decorator in Utah and I blog too at

    So find to find another interior junkie like me!

    Take care!


  2. Thanks Caitlin for the comment - just saw your blog and LOVE it!!!!!

  3. I'm sure J&J will appreciate the shout out! How did the bookcases turn out???

  4. oh my gosh, your foyer is gorgeous! I adore the mirror and console. And the shape of your door and the windows...also, I have always loved your apt. from Domino- I want to change out my fan for one with a light and shade b/c I think my den is too dark, and I have alwys tried to figure out where to get YOUR fan- somehow misplaced that Domino issue. I don't suppose I could get it in NC. Oh well, it's all fab.

  5. Thank you so much tarheel - you are so sweet. Ira the fan guy - Drum guy is in florida and will ship it to you. Suze

  6. oh, thank you- I just saw this. You are so sweet to reply!!

  7. The feature of your livingroom in Domino is one of my all time favorite tear sheets! I see you replied to tarheel about the fan. So I'm clear, I understand the fan itself is a Hunter (and I'm sure any fan would work) but the person who made the actual drum shade is Ira? I looked up where the 516 area code was and it's in New York, so I'm a bit confused by your referrence to Florida in the comment to tarheel. Hoping you can clarify! :)

  8. Ira moved to Florida but still ships to NY. and you are right the fan is a cheepie from Hunter and the drum is from Ira. It looks fantastic in real life :)