Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Best Towels... period

I am a total towel snob. I think they should always be white and if not they are for the beach and preferably Hermes. For some strange reason hideous towels with Pokemon motifs or even worse stripes keep popping up in my closet and sadly go missing when I throw them away and play dumb. So when you are a party of five and can never figure out who's towel is who's there is only one solution - Monogram. Now above all my absolute favorite towels are the Restoration Hardware Turkish Towel and For Kids since they don't know the difference Pottery Barn. Here are the links Restoration Hardware the BEST towels!!!!!
I like these in white with navy embroidery

This is how to do it! Usher - Always chic

Cool people lame towels!

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