Monday, January 11, 2010

Design School with David Jimenez

I LOVE LOVE LOVE David Jimenez and was lucky enough to interview him for Glamour and get some of his best insider tips. Had to Share

David Jimenez’s Tricks of the Trade
"Sometimes the smallest styling details have the largest impact," he says "In my experience, the best styling details are the ones that aren't formulaic and happen spontaneously."

Trick #1: Flowers with punch
A hit of color via fresh flowers can keep any room from becoming ho-hum. The key is in identifying a contrasting color to the decor in the room. I love the look of pink coral peonies in my mostly neutral living room and green or white hydrangeas in my chocolate-colored sun room.

Trick#2: Incorporate retro accessories
Whether it’s a vintage alarm clock, donut phone or hip thrift store lamp, these classics add instant panache and style to most any interior.

Trick #3: Include books to add depth
Heap a stack of books on a coffee table, side table or credenza. The effect is always the same; an easy, chic vibe that goes far in making a room look collected.

Trick #4: Create a wall of eclectic photographs
Whether it's framed family photos or collected pieces of art, nothing is more personal or looks as chic as a gallery wall in a room. I usually stick to all black and white with a combination of photos and charcoals for added interest.

Trick #5: Just add fruit
Fifteen years ago I read an article in Metropolitan Home that said that a bowl of lemons in the kitchen was inviting and created a welcoming feeling. After all these years, the tip still works. Oranges, apples and pears all make good options too.

Trick #6: Bring on the hooch
A well stocked bar always signals a home that is ready for entertaining. Consider purchasing beautiful bottles of liquor, a smart-looking ice bucket and even a stylish bar cart if you have the space and your budget permits.

Trick #7: Layer artwork over a mirror
A room full of mirrors may add depth to a room but could easily signal a horrible case of narcissism. Layer those mirrors with photography to achieve an air of casual elegance.

Trick # 8: Use wallpaper to make a statement
Beyond paint, the easiest way to add drama to an entry or bedroom is to cover one wall with wallpaper. There are terrific options on the market that range from flocked to foils and are relatively inexpensive when you’re only covering a single wall.

Trick # 9: Put indoor furniture outdoors
If furniture is comfy inside, it's bound to be a hit outdoors on a patio, deck or portico. Consider upholstering classics like wing chairs or a camelback sofa in low-maintenance fabrics like Sunbrella or naugahyde for years of good wear.

Trick # 10: Sex up your bathroom
Sometimes bathrooms can be the most neglected rooms in the home. Make a bold and dramatic statement in your bathroom by adding color to the walls, hanging a new shower curtain, burning a beautifully scented candle and even installing a chic light fixture. Your guests will appreciate the attention to detail and you'll love the makeover.

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