Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Color Purple for Caroline

My friend Kathy's daughter wants a purple room with a huge piece sign. Still looking for a peace sign that isn't to tacky. Any suggestions?

Jamie Drake

Via Simplified Bee
Via Alkemie

Via Alkemie
Regency Color! Anne Coyle Elle Decor, May 2005

designed by Robin Bell, Featured in the November 2007 issue of House Beautiful .


  1. Not sure if you already found a peace sign yet, but I was walking by ABC HOME yesterday and thought of this post.

    They have a massive black and white picture in one of their front windows layered on top of the black/white image there is a white PEACE sign. It looks really good. Not cheesy at all. Maybe a happy compromise for your friend and her daughter. Plus it's probably really easy to recreate on your own with photoshop.

  2. Thanks for the reply - I am such a looser and just seeing it now.