Wednesday, July 21, 2010


A month ago I went to visit designer Lela Rose at her Town House  to see her chic new collection but it was hard to focus on the clothing when her home was making me drool. I was lucky to get the full house tour  and have been thinking about it ever since. The Doggie-vator kills me - her dog can actually press the 5th floor. I found these pictures on NY Times blog T-Magazine and they are so much better than my own.  Photographer Nikolas Koenig took the shots below. Click here for the  full story by Pilar Viladas.
A table rises from the floor in the ‘‘shaker box’’ dining area; when joined with tables in the living room and kitchen, Rose and Jones can seat quite a crowd for dinner. Photographs by Nikolas Koenig

I took this detail shot so you can see how the table rises

THE LAYERED LOOK  A view through the kitchen and media room to the three-story bedroom and playroom wing of the apartment.

THIS IS LIVING Left: A glass dining table descends from the living room’s steel-mesh ceiling. the edward wormley sofa is one of rose’s treasured possessions; the red Valentina C chair was designed by Maurizio Galante for Baleri Italia. 

Once the table comes down from the ceiling it extends with the one that rises from the floor

The ceiling

n the stairwell ‘‘void’’ that divides the front and back parts of the apartment, a monopoly-hotel-shaped elevator belongs to Stitch, the family’s norwich terrier.

Front View of the Doggie-vator

As you can see I took this pictures.

The Tequila room

How cool is this floor?

A felt wall that when you lift the flap you will find games inside

Lela took colorful rubber-bands and wrapped her chair - so cool!


  1. Thanks for stopping by the other day, Suze!

  2. I have no words, this apartment is amazing.

  3. Love Lela's surprise i love her home! Thanks for the tour!! Elizabeth

  4. what an amazing home she has !

  5. The interior of the townhouse is very out-of-the-box! What a clever imagination! My Dad also loves to do unique interior designing in our house at Grand Lake Homes. He also designed and crafted the interior of my nephew's bedroom in Jenks Oklahoma Homes. My dad is a man full of crazy creativity in mind.

  6. Just lovely!
    Last week I visited London and I bought a lovely Terzani lamp in a showroom near Pinner. Also, they had Baleri Italia, Gandia Blasco, B&B… amongst other lovely brands…. their website ( it’s really nice!