Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bungalow Hotel Making the Jersey Shore Chic

I just spent the most divine weekend at the Bungalow, a hotel in Long Branch, NJ and designed by the talented 9 By Design team  Courtney and Bob Novogratz. It took me a little over an hour to get there from Manhattan and there wasn't a Snooki lookalike in sight. I could have spent 2 weeks analyzing every detail.

The framed stamp is made entirely of shirt buttons

Love the ceiling pendant in feathers
Le Club - We spent all day here but this was shot with a wide angle lens it is much smaller but just as chic and the view of the ocean is spectacular - it is right on the beach. The food here is delish!
This was the bathroom in our suite and it was in the middle of the room

Each room had a fireplace that went on at the turn of a switch -

This lobby is so much fun  that we had a hard time leaving. There are candles in the columns and the bookshelf is even more amazing in person

The out door fire place is a the perfect hangout spot

A perfectly accessorized book shelf try and zoom in on the detail.


  1. This place looks, and sounds, so fabulous. Thank you for the tour. I think they are a supremely talented duo. Now I'm off to spend the next hour investigating the ins and outs of that amazing bookshelf vignette!

  2. Oh wow! That pool = amazing. Also, the lettered light boxes on the wall are super fun.

  3. I love funky hotels, they have so much character and are fun to stay at!

  4. I think this was the hotel featured on their first season of 9 by design right? Looks really, really cool! Glad to see these photos.

  5. Gorgeous hotel- love your blog!

  6. Haha... My in laws and parents both have homes just a few towns over!