Monday, February 14, 2011

Trump L'oeil!.. It is SOOOOO cool! Warning this blog will make you smile.

We all have an ugly door or view in our past, present or future and  now you don't have to live with it - How awesome are these?  Thoughts?  Plus thank you to Anonymous who said

"I am  so loving your blog! Its the 1st one I check everyday. Just re-organised my bookshelves after looking at some of your gorgeous photos. You're very inspiring, keep up the great job!" 

Sometimes I think why am I doing this - and then someone like you posts this for no reason and I realize why.It means so much! 

Everything from Couture Deco  $189 each

Love the brick wall paper

Frosted glass decal to hide a hid view! 

Another frosted glass decal - How I wish I had this in NYC to hide my ugly brick view! 

PS... Can anyone tell me where to find more cool frosted window decals like this? There has got to be someone who will print up your own picture. How cool would it be to have a view of the ocean instead of brick ?

PS This is the only reason why I write this blog... for Love! 


  1. Super cool! I found a similar site just yesterday that sells easy to stick on murals:
    Great post! Xo, Lynn

  2. Wonderful decals! Loving the frosted glass decals! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  3. I LOVE your blog. It's so inspiring and you give very practical tips. I was just wondering where we could buy these decals in LA. Thanks!

  4. Katie, you can buy these decals on and have them delivered in LA. Shipping is free ;-)