Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FOUND Day 3 The Perfect.....

Here you go - Tell me what you think. And we still have a few more days so keep them coming :). XO Suze
My Beautiful life " two budget tall bookshelves with interesting architectural detailing.

Ohhh I love these posts ...... I need help finding the perfect "inexpensive" trellis rug (8x10) in a fun bright color (yellow, blue, green, coral?) for my living room re-do!!!
Would LOVE your input

$599 Home Decorators

Garden Ridge! And for $99.00 for an 8′x10! Via A well Dressed Home 

Shades of Light $898
West Elm $459

Kathysue said...

Looking for the perfect room size area rug to go with a blue and white ticking striped sofa!!! This is fun!!! Kathysue
6 X 9 William Sonoma Home  $148

Daisy said...

Something slick and kid-friendly to go on the 6" deep glass shelf mounted over the toilet in my 6 year old son's bathroom. It is mounted into the white subway tile so removing it isn't an option - trust me, I tried!
This is fun and he can draw on it! Via KidRobot $200

$9 Each KidRobot

Jeff Koon's Muse  Monkey $2 Amazon

carrie said...

I'm looking for the perfect silver bedside table lamps.
Crate and Barel $249

$271 Light Outlet
Ralph Lauren Via Bloomingdales $1,100

Heather said...

Looking for the perfect dining room chairs that are chic enough for me, but can withstand life with a soon-to-be three-year-old. Love the Martine upholstered side chairs from Restoration Hardware, BUT can I justify them with the hazards everyday meals? P.S. We eat meals in the dining room as we have no separate kitchen seating area.
HMMM this is what you love $349 Restoration Hardware


In  wash with soapscrub leather  $239

Overstock $201

From Overstock $88 for two - AMAZING price! They are white patent so you can hose them down :)

White faux leather AKA kidproof  $184 Overstock


  1. I just received the bookshelf from home decorators with the mirrored cabinet! It is great although I had to put it together myself! Also, its not lacquered which I was hoping for, its more faux antiqued! All in all though I really like it!

  2. I really love the shelves and the rugs! You are good at this!

  3. Wow! Thanks! You're great at this, and perhaps saved me about $600!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. How about throw pillows for my small brown living room sofa, that bring in a butter yellow and aqua? Preferably Hamptons or Asian inspired.

  5. Oh Suze!!! I am in love with the first bookshelf, and I LOVE that WS coral grey rug. I'll have to show these to Mr.MBL. What fantastic finds!!! Thank you!

  6. You are so talented! I have 2 requests if you are still taking them: I'm looking for a clean lined trundle bed for my son's room, not too expensive (I loved your sons' rooms!)and practical upholstery fabric (to withstand kids)for my dining room chairs, I have white lattice back chairs with a dark table. Thanks!

  7. What great finds!! Loving the WS rugs!

  8. OMG thank you for answering my post about the rug!!! I'm really in love with the first one!!! You did a great job with these posts, thank you again!

  9. Your blog is amazing! I am looking to redesign my bedroom. I am thinking pale grey walls and a fabulous modern canopy bed. I have very high ceilings and a rectangle transom window and large curved half circle window behind the wall where the bed would go. Any great ideas?

  10. I love the restoration hardware chairs!

  11. I blogged about this yesterday! High style, low price dining chairs

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