Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feel Like A Pig?

I do - I have one golden pig in my bedroom which is supposed to bring good luck. I feel like it works. Love Harry Allen's golden pig! Today's blog reader challenge..... Can you name the top 10 iconic useless decorating pieces like this Harry Allen pig? If you win you get a blog dedicated to you or I will just think you rock!

In my old bedroom

On  a desk


  1. Foo Dogs have to be one of them... I Love them! <3

  2. The sheep sculpture by Francois Lalanne. I even did a post on them once (do u want a link?). Still I never got the appeal of having a life sized lamb in my living room.
    Lynn from Decor Arts Now

  3. branches in vases, balls in bowls, bust-ises, ming/tang/walla-walla bing bang dynasty horses...

  4. Hmmmmmm...

    Staffordshire Dogs
    Coral chunks
    White ceramic animal heads on the wall

  5. I have the harry allen silver roller skate. F*cuking love it. Makes me smile every day.

    I'm so over the foos. They are the "celestial look" of the aughts.

    Remember all those gold moons and shit in the early-mid 90's? Just me?

  6. Iconic, if you're including the Allen pig there, seems like a higher level than the ubiquitous coral we see everywhere. Ten is too hard for me, but I second the rollerskate and sheep and would add a Damien Hirst skull and a Koons balloon dog and a Stark gnome (although its sort of useful). Maybe the frist printing of I Married Adventure, since it is everywhere as an objet.

    Back to the shit Z-gallerie dupes--don't forget the sawfish bill, crystals, phrenology head, obelisk, model staircase and glove mold to your top hits list.

  7. OOOOH - sooo good keep them coming - This is going to be my Tuesday post. Roc - You Rock!

  8. What a great post idea Suze.! Can't wait to read it. Xo, Lynn from Decor Arts Now.

  9. Keep calm and something posters, Chanel posters and tchotchkes and even though I love her, those Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffanys posters, huge brass deer sitting on tables in repose and the convex mirror.

  10. Ummm I own that pig but in silver:

    I love that thing to death.

  11. Your readers have some great ideas! Cute post.

  12. Antlers, Keep Calm posters, giant white ceramic dogs, JA ceramics, foo dogs, owl vases/umbrella stands, ceramic garden stools, and to some extent Hermes blankets (always seen them styled but never in use).