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20 Amazing Beauty Secret Revealed!

 Sorry all my home eeees  but I have to talk beauty because this is too good not to share. Having been a fashion editor at Glamour for 14 years and at Marie Claire, Elle and Vogue before that there has always been a secret code where the beauty editor never would reveal her personal favorites.  Why you ask? Because the advertisers and her friends would LOATH it! I have been begging Glamour's iconic  beauty director  Felicia Milewicz to share with me her absolute favorite beauty product forever  (and we are friends) and she always says the same thing "Sorry darling - you would have to kill me first!".   I was so surprised when I saw Linda Wells, Editor In Chief of Allure, and  the one editor I would actually want to smell like (next to Felicia of course) spill her secrets in the New York Post.

This is Felicia Milewicz she is perfectly  divine inside and out - I ADORE HER and want to start a petition for her to write a book! I desperately want her secrets because she is 100% natural and gorg! Click Here are some of her great tips ! 

I want to thank you Linda Wells, whom I think is positively brilliant for having the guts to share her personal beauty secrets - I am buying it all! 

1 Cutting Edge
The perpetually bobbed blonde doesn’t trust her tresses to just anyone. It has to be celeb magnet Garren — the stylist who doesn’t need an introduction or a last name — at Garren NY. “I met him in the ’80s, and with the rare exception, I don’t let anyone take a sharp object to my hair. He cuts my hair and gives me advice like the best hairdressers do,” says Wells.
● Garren NY, 781 Fifth Ave.; 212-841-9400
2 Sweet Smell of Success
“It’s an occupational hazard,” jokes the perfume aficionado of having access to so many scents. At the moment, she’s totally in love with Reed Krakoff’s formula. “It’s the most beautiful bottle and comes with a funnel and two bottles of fragrance. It smells slightly masculine, and I like that in a fragrance.”
3 Down on Her Knees
With a complicated essence, subtle application is key. “If I am using a strong fragrance and don’t want to overdo it, I spray it on my ankles and behind my knees and let it waft up.”
● Reed Krakoff limited edition fragrance, $695; reedkrakoff.com
4 Sleep Doctor
“I’m a sucker for packaging,” admits Wells, who calls Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair’s square brown bottle simple but luxurious. “I use that every night after I wash my face. It has anti-
aging properties and helps moisturize. It isn’t sticky or heavy and doesn’t feel like you’ve wrapped your face in Saran Wrap.”
● Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex, $49.50 (1 oz.); esteelauder.com
5 Shun the Sun
“Unlike Snooki, I am fully protected,” jokes Wells, who always wears sunscreen. “I’ve never been able to go in the sun.”
Linda Wells
Linda Wells
6 ShamWow Chic
Forget typical towels. This beauty guru reaches for something more absorbent after she washes her hair. “I blot it with a microfiber towel,” Wells says
7 Spinning a Tale
Wells — along with Tory Burch, Brooke Shields and Chelsea Clinton — is a devotee of celeb-cult spin studio Soul Cycle. “I was an early adopter and started going when it opened on the Upper West Side. “It’s a cathartic joyful sweatfest,” says Wells, who will follow her favorite teachers Laurie Cole, Janet Fitzgerald, Stacey Griffith and Sue Moldar to their TriBeCa location.
● 117 W. 72nd St.; 212-787-1300
8 Body of Work
Wells puts in the gym time necessary to keep in tiptop shape, but this practical mother knows how to pace herself. “I like to go five or six times [a week], but sometimes life gets in the way.”
9 Lush Lashes
When it comes to her eyelashes, Wells swears by L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara. “It’s the best. I’ve tried hundreds and hundreds [of mascaras], and I always come back to it,” exclaims Wells. “It’s so good, and it gives you the perfect amount of definition and volume.”
10 A Magic Wand
The editrix, who claims to be so pale that she wears mascara to the gym, advises ladies to apply by “wiggling the wand right at the roots and then drag it to the ends. Then I stroke it over the lashes at the outer corners.”
● L’Oréal Voluminous Original, $7.50; duanereade.com
11 Give ‘Em Some Lip
“It’s great and easy to wear,” says Wells of the rosy brown color Charm by Dolce & Gabbana. Not only does she love the glitzy gold packaging, the Upper East Side resident also relishes the creamy texture. The neutral subdued hue does the trick for the natural beauty despite the dominance of bold red and neon pink shades on makeup counters. “I am just not comfortable in a bold lip,” she explains.
● Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick in Charm, $30; Saks.com
12 Soothing Salon
Wells likes to relax and chat with friends when she’s getting a manicure. That’s why she loves Josephine Allen of Shriqui Salon. “She’s so impeccable and an oasis of calm,” says Wells. ”It’s always more than just getting nails done. Her clients and I share advice, restaurant names, museums and hotels.”
● Samuel Shriqui Salon, 37 E. 65th St.; 212-472-6805
13 Getting Nailed
For fancy fingers, Wells always opts for a combination of Essie’s “Sugar Daddy” and “Mademoiselle,” to keep the look sophisticated. “I wish I were more experimental,” she says, “but since I’m working on a keyboard all day and talk with my hands a lot, I find it distracting to have too much color.”
Sugar Daddy (near right) and Mademoiselle, each $8; essie.com
14 A Tip for a Tip
“After a jillion years of getting this wrong, I’ve learned to leave the manicurist a tip in the envelope before I get a manicure.”
15 DrugStore Cowgirl
Budget beauty isn’t something Wells avoids. In fact, her shampoo of choice is drugstore stalwart Pantene Pro-V Flat to Volume. “I have very fine hair, and the full-volume line is really good and works best on my hair,” says Wells, who tops it off with the Volume Mousse.
● Pantene Pro-V Flat to Volume Shampoo, Conditioner and Triple Action Volume Mousse, each $3.99; duane-reade.com
16 Ready to Vent
“I squirt the mousse on a plastic vent brush and brush that through my [wet] hair,” Wells advises. “It distributes the mousse evenly, with no hot spots.”
17 Raise Your Brows 
Wells swears by Eliza
Petrescu when it comes to beautiful brows: “I met Eliza when she was working at the Federic Fekkai Salon as a waxer. She has the ability to look at your eyebrows and zip, zip, zip. Then she cleans up with a tweezer; she’s really thorough.”
● Eliza’s Eyes, 30 E. 76th Street, Apt. 5A; 212-757-0702
18 Eyes on the Prize
Wells knows how to make her peepers pop. “I always apply concealer at the inner corners of my eyes, right against my nose,” she says. “That’s usually the darkest area, and many people forget it.”
19 Bronzing Beauty
The editor relies on Anna Stankiewicz at Sense Salon to give her a natural-looking color. “My skin is too pale, so this is the only way I can not look pasty and still be healthy.” She goes once a week for her Stankiewicz fix. “She is so meticulous and thorough. You’ll never get orange palms,” Wells promises.
● 138 Fifth Ave.; 212-242-7979
20 A Good Foundation
Most ladies struggle with foundation being too cakey, but Wells has a trick up her sleeve — a tissue. “After applying foundation, I take a two-ply tissue and remove one sheet. Then I press it against my face to blot and subdue the foundation. [Famed makeup artist] Pat McGrath taught me this backstage at a Givenchy show. It makes the foundation look as if it belongs on your skin rather than sitting on top of it.”

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/fashion/linda_wells_gives_good_face_hc0QdNTwS1AUiAepoNaz8K#ixzz1E4ywYI9I


  1. She is beautiful!

    I love that L'oreal mascara as well! And that lovely scent tip? Made me think of my Mimi. When I was a little girl, she told me about the knee tip so that when I wore perfume, the scent would delicately waft-not overwhelm.

    What a nice little insiders peek!

  2. Oooh, thanks for sharing. I love beauty tips and tricks.

  3. Wonderful tips - some of which I had already adopted myself - but many more to try!!

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