Thursday, September 30, 2010

Laquer in a Spanish House -It just doesn't work

I'm living in a pink Spanish house where every piece of furniture is the opposite of what I like. When I try to think of things I would like, that actually work in this house ,  it is a challenge. My latest need is a desk. My go to would be the parsons desk from West Elm but it won't work in this house of wood and wall to wall carpeting. My husband said that when  I buy things that I will HAVE TO take them to our next location - Do you think he can hold me to this? Last night I had a dream that I was going to create a new design movement a place where lacquer and raw wood can coexist - Do you think it is possible? So rambling on - my search of the second is for a desk. Here are a few I think I could like outside of this house. What do you think?


Campaign Desk from Arteriors. I

Sullivan Desk

This would work and is cheap enough that I can be over it and move on
$135 at IVG Stores

The following three are all Crate & Barrel
Phoenix work table
Hendrix Desk
Shadow Box table


  1. The first two look like your style and could be refinished when you move on.

  2. Without a doubt the Arteriors desk, the others will be over soon. And you could have the Arteriors desk lacquered in the future.

  3. I like the Hendrix Desk a lot. I had actually seen one in an antique store just like it, with the display bookshelf on the opposite side - beautiful! The desk has plenty of drawers for storage, without feeling too heavy.

  4. I think the arteriors campaign desk would work in most settings. It's classic, has style but still a neutral style desk. Damn husbands and their decrees!

  5. I have Nakashima and lacquer in the same room. Looks fabulous.

  6. I love the refinishing idea and thanks anonymous I would love to see what it looks like - LOVE! The arteriors desk is divine but very expensive.