Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ikea Trip what looks good in person

I love Ikea and yesterday in my search for a box spring under $1000 I came across this divine pitcher - It's metal and feels like it should be in Ina's house Plus it was $20

AND This bookcase was perfection in person LACK $129

Lastly I bought this desk - Jonas $129

Regretting that I didn't buy this Tobias chair $99

This was a fun couch for $149 you can afford to be over it next year  


  1. I have the same pitcher and it's indeed great. I use it as a vase for happy, colorful flowers (nothing too structured) like peonies.
    My desk is from Ikea, too, and I'm in love with it. Oh, and it's shocking red :)

  2. That pitcher would be fab, like Chedva says, for some colourful blooms. Love IKEA!

  3. The desk took me 2 1/2 hours to put together but I felt like I accomplished something :)

  4. lol, Suze. Me too, and a trip to Ikea to replace one of the legs, but it was so worth it.