Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SemiPrecious... A Bead Salon AKA my new Hobbie

Today When I discovered SemiPrecious bead salon in Santa Monica - I was beyond excited!!!! It's a very cool store where they sell all of the beads you would find in  Barneys and Bergdorfs and teach you how to string it yourself they will also make you the jewelry you have been dreaming of at a very reasonable price. When I asked the Owner, Amy Weber  who shopped there , her first thought was Mindy Cohen, the  Facts Of Life Star.  Little did she know that Mindy was just outed as Brangelina's designated God Mother and that she is walking around with a big diamond ring that they gave her-  so if we see Angelina Jolie walking around with an arm full of cool beaded bracelets we will know where they came from.  
Love Miley's

This is from the store J' ADORE! SemiPrecious

If you come to LA - You must make it a stop.

* Just made three bracelets tonight - Thank you Amy and learned two things - 1- I LOVE beading and two - I need glasses!


  1. your bracelet is stunning! i would buy that in a second, if a store in Hong Kong sold it ready-made haha. :) xx

  2. I have a serious love of beading too! Actually, it has become more of an obsession, I find myself searching for bead stores all the time now :)

  3. Love those beads you chose....still trying to wrap my head around how Mindy and Angelina even know each other...huh?