Monday, September 27, 2010

Martensen Jones Interiors ...worthy ideas to steal.

Lisa Martensen and Jan Jones dreamy interiors make me want to get off my rear and style my home! 
Perfectly styled books - color + position+ object= perfection

You don't need three of the same book that BTW no one has ever read nut it certainly looks good. I have this book and yes I bought it for the cover - Call me shallow!

Patterned curtains, the pouf, the tea cup, an antique chair with a great fabric  and and Hermes blanket - YES PLEASE

This wallpaper is AMAZING!!!!! This room is AMAZING!

I so could have done this in my kitchen but sadly did not have the vision. 


  1. Love the book vignette, which is arranged as a flight of stairs, and features a book on "stairs" - very cool!

  2. Adding height and interest with a pile of books is a simple but effective trick! Hope you are well, Suze!

  3. Wow I really love that kitchen but I think I would be afraid to cook in there!!

  4. That kitchen is fantastic, love built-in seating like that.

  5. each shot is fabulous, and of course, I love all that gray, but that KITCHEN.....!

  6. I am oohing and aahing at these pics from the
    wallpaper in the nursery to the banquette in the kitchen. Blues and greens of the bedroom Beautiful.

  7. Martensen Jones is in my top 10 for FAVE their entire portfolio! :)))))))