Monday, October 18, 2010

Are you a Matcher or a Mixer?

Fashion is a lot like decorating the matchers always want to be mixers but the mixers would NEVER be caught dead being matchers. Mixing is hard -  putting two things together that clash and work is a talent !  I have an equal love between matching and mixing - Where do you stand on this?

Some Mixing I appreciate.
Jason Oliver Nixon, and decorator John Loecke's home Via Country Living

What a fresh way to mix in a Turkish rug Via Peacock Feathers 

Furniture period mixing Via Kara Paslay


  1. I am a mixer for fabrics and time periods, but I have a rule not to mix more than 2 wood tones in a room if they are natural. I just find alot of different natural wood tones to be jarring, but then its my humble opinion.

    In any case, hope you are all geared up for your first LA winter! Translation - buying a sweater and a cute scarf :)

  2. You're right -- mixing is hard! I'm a matcher by default, aspiring to be a mixer. I think I'm getting closer every day (as evidenced here.

  3. love this post. I always try to push my clients to be a mixers, but sometimes I need to do matching the keep the aesthetic cleaner. A little of both is definitely the way to go.

  4. Im a mixer, it doesn't always work but I like all the contrasts!!

  5. I'm glad the whole everything-has-to-match old school rules are gone. It's so much easier and less expensive to find great things to put together a room.

  6. I adore mixing, especially the period mixing. But it's just SO DARN HARD. Love to see it and study it, but I drive myself crazy trying to DO IT.

    This was one great post. Thanks!


  7. im a matcher. things just feel cleaner when they work together naturally. but when mixing is done right... its amazing.

  8. i love looking at mixed pieces of furniture, but i'm a matcher that wishes i could be a mixer :) i think i feel more calm when things match in my home

  9. I am definetely a mixer. I mix the past with the present and the future, anything goes as long as I create balance and harmony. Often I use color to create a lien or a theme it works well for me.
    Thanks great blog, I really enjoy it.