Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happiness is Jeanine Lobell's Fabulous NYC home

Totally beyond words and inspired - and even more divine on Glossy Paper in this month's Elle Decor - J'adore Elle Decor!

One room with tooooo much to love

Good vibes !
How she makes all of these things work I don't know but it does and it is fabulous! 

This is what I call guts!

Major wallpaper!!!!

Total fantasy! 
Styled by Carlos Mota • Photographed by William Waldron


  1. this post is amazzzing!! thank you for sharing. i may have to post about this ny apartment as well! hope you are enjoying LA!


  2. LOVE all the color! This makes me totally bored with my beige and blue apartment :(

  3. the rooms are just too pretty, i love the decor, especially the green kitchen cbainets, very unique and very different color but very beutiful

  4. love the decor, the chairs, the bed, the sofas, all are just looking perfect and beautiful, the dresser in the second last picture is also very good looking, i really liked them all, a great post

  5. I can't wait to start decorating my new apartment! Love all the colors.

  6. now I'm still living in my parents' house, but someday I want to make a new home and live with my wife. I really love it when I found this blog, because I dream of having a nice house interior design. this blog makes me inspired.
    Thank you very much

  7. WOW All of these comments made my day!!!! Thank you soooooo much! Suze

  8. I love the livingroom! Those blue chairs mixed with the magenta purple and that green chandelier - so pretty! :)

  9. Fantastic imaginative interiors. They inspire me to redecorate!!

  10. visually stimulating. Ever room feels like lollipops and roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do i get in touch with Jeanine....we worked together. xoxo