Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brilliant Bedspread

Want this - anyone know where I can find it?


  1. Not just the bedspread....the whole room is nothing short of show-stopper. The palest, palest grey stain on the timber walls is such a wonderful backdrop for the rest of the yumminess...

  2. I might be wrong, but I would suspect that this was custom made. One could buy a duvet and add pom’s/tassels to it. Be advised that these things will fall of overtime, as well they can be a nuisance as they may end up in your face all night. I always recommend function over form as the bed should be comfortable 1st. Although hard to see from this photo the duvet appears to be made of linen. Check out Pine Cone Hill as they sell an inexpensive linen duvet that you could then add the tassels. I would add some euro shams as well to give the bed a little height.
    Hope this helps