Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Banister Chic

I never really thought much about banisters until my friend Pamela asked me to post about them for a friend. Here is what I think now - I only like really dark wood or  black for the banister and white for the poles conecting them to the stairs - The contrast makes it chic. I also prefer curved  -it is so much more dramatic. Do you care or have thoughts about banisters - I would love to hear them. 

Thomas Britt also designed the Lucite banister which adds a modern touch to the old house.  Hanging on the stairs is Walking Cake II by Laurie Simmons. 
painted our banister a black lacquer with a shiny finish and it really makes a statement. Here are some images
to give you an idea.

Via Down and Out Chic from Living ETC

Via Frog Hill Design
Via Funniest Area


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! P.

  2. What a great post, beautiful images and the last one quite comical :) Nicolex

  3. Suze, nice clean looks. I like the uncluttered look.

    Here is another blog you might be interested in looking at, somewhat new, but informative, there is more to come on tips etc.

  4. Amazing post! Actuelly I´ve never given much thought to the bannisters until now, but I find them pretty stunning! They give such an elegant touch to the staircase!

    I´m so happy that I´ve stumbled upon your blog! I´m following you :) Hope that you´ll find some time to check out my lifestyle blog!

    xx Ivana

  5. I don't have banisters in my house so I feel like we are on the same page... I don't have an opinion... Bit seeing the black and white is so refreshing! Young hip vibe... No stained wood, thank goodness!!!

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