Thursday, June 23, 2011

Andrew Raquet Interior Design

Via Andrew Raquet Interior Design
I fell in love when I was reading July AD and found the house of two Quadrille execs who found a house n the Bahamas and hires Andrew to help them make magic. WOW!
Funny just posted about this lamp a few days ago from Bergdorfs in NYC. I always LOVE howard Johnson colors mixed in a room - NOTHING is fresher!

The curtain and wallpaper together - I have no words just drool!
Matthew Suddok tried to talk me into this exact window treatment combo years ago - Why didn't I just say yes- he was always ten years ahead!


  1. wow
    i love every one of these rooms.
    is that mylar behind the pair of chairs?

    and that washed wood ceiling.....
    i am in love. xxx

  2. The wall paper (or is it stencils?) in that first room is outstanding! Plus I love the lamp too!