Thursday, December 2, 2010

Room Makeovers.... Why do I love them so much?

Makeovers never get old -never and I am so grateful to Raenovate for posting the following images. 

Wallpaper = POWER

I feel like I have been to this depressing foyer 100 times - Painting the brown rail makes a huge difference no?

The 1 desk that never goes wrong - West Elm Parsons in white
I remember the 80's

Clash of 2010
They ruined the painting in this room

 A reason to go wireless
Living Green


  1. These are great before and afters ! I'm so in love with that foyer.

  2. These are unbelievable! The entry way had me at 'Hello'! And, do I spy Josef Frank fabric/panel on the wall??? I'm in love!

  3. you are hilarious with the ewww on the last one. I read blogs where that would be in the "I love" category:)Not my blog, but I've seen it. Love that green bunkbed room!

  4. these are great! Love the painted handrail and my dream is a completely wireless society! :)

  5. I totally agree! Before and Afters are so much fun to look at. I am going to post some of my own in the next couple weeks. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Before and afters are always fun! It's interesting to see what people do with their spaces. Fun post!

  7. Loved these- the wallpaper in the first one makes such a HUGE difference and that JF fabric panel/room is fabulous.

  8. I am so inspired by the foyer - what a huge difference! Thank you for the comments! Suze