Monday, December 13, 2010

My Favorite Vacation Spot

Ohhhhh... I am counting the days to my trip to Jamaica... I love the Half Moon resort and have been going there for years. It is the perfect spot with kids and my definition of heaven. I check in an d never leave the compound. I wish I could hang at the new spa all day - but I have to watch the kiddies. I do however leave my waterski there and go to the hidden cove behind the sands every morning. Everyone who works there is so sweet and my kids and golfing husband LOVE LOVE it.  It's fun bumping into Iman and David Bowie and Paul Simon who are regulars and seeing pictures of Jackie O and family on the vistor wall. Here are some pictures :
Ahhh the Villas - They all look like this and come with an amazing cook, Sweet housekeeper and butler - you heard me! There is a pool in the back and many are right on the ocean. Each Villa comes with two golf carts.

Half Moon’s general manager Aram Zerunian - And THE BEST Guy! 

 Kids LOVE this swim up bar
 Breakfast here is heaven
 Great Golf
 I actually rode a horse into the sea and we surfed the waves plus I went jumping at the stable which is fantastic
 You never have to fight for a chair by the pool or sea it is so spread out
 Swam with the dolphins which was wild
View from the back - breakfast is served outside

The Spa -

The tennis is amazing to! Wher are you going?


  1. This looks absolutely incredible!! We usually go to Parrot Cay but this year I am off to South Africa on safari. I am so excited and ready for something new! Have so much fun on your vacay!!!

  2. That looks like a little slice of heaven!! Have a great time, Suze!

  3. I have a number of friends who go here with their families - now I know why!!!! Looks fab! This year it's off to see family in Manzanilla for New Year's, then Carlyle Bay in Antigua for Spring Break!

    Enjoy the sun!

  4. wow it looks incredible - I can see why you would love it so much! We have no vacation plans at the moment - we are spur of the moment people since my guy's schedule changes all the time (which is good sometimes but I do enjoy the anticipation before the trip too!) :)

  5. Love hearing all about you and your plans sound incredible. Lisa keep me posted. :)

  6. Oh god. Looks so beautiful. I need to take a vacation so bad. This may top the list especially if it includes horseback riding!!

    Have a great time Suze!