Friday, December 3, 2010

Furniture finds for a white apartment

Mom moved into her new apartment and has a new lease on life. I have to tell you about my mom - She is the COOLEST! Most of my friends growing up and now like her more than me. She is fun, extreemly optomistic , smart and one of those moms that never makes you feel guilty about anything oh and she is always there when you need her. Did I mention she has written and published 14 books - crazy no.  When my dad died last year he requested to die at home and my mother made it happen even though there were moments that were beyond scary!  I think he wanted to die at home because our house in Vermont was heaven and filled with everything he loved - he bought everything because he was a crazy(in a great way) about  collecting but when he died my mom looked around her big house and realized that none of it was her taste. So now after moving to NYC to be near me she wants an all white apartment. And by the way she encouraged me to move to LA because she thought it would be fun.  Ok so now on to helping mom. Here are the pieces that have been approved by me ...
Crate & Barrel Spotlight desk $499

The Cubix draw - we need two Crate & Barrel  For the bedroom

For the Livingroom WS Home Wing Chair

The Look we are going for House beautiful Luxe console and leather and chrome lamps from Ralph Lauren Home. Designed by Kerry Delrose. Featured in July 2009 credit: John M. Hall

or Couch 1:

Couch 2 imagine in white

Bedroom inspiration:

For The Bedroom a four poster bed makes a square boring low ceiling bedroom have some personality!

Lucky Luke Design  cool bed but the room is too small for it and the wall color is depressing

Will add more later. This is time consuming. PS if you have any good furniture pieces to share we would love links.

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