Friday, August 6, 2010

Kids Bunk... Multiple Beds in a Room

In the new house in California we probably will have to put multiple beds in a room here is the inspiration If you have any more to share Please link!!!! I need all the inspiration I can get.
Via Table Tonic  tracy Bross design

Via Table Tonic  Amanda Nisbet

Once Daily Chic 
Love the concept loath the bedding
Once Daily Chic
Kids storage but I like.

Once Daily Chic
This is soooooo sweet
Once Daily Chic
I like the idea of a curtain for privacy
image: Ohdeedoh]

Design Dazzle 

 My boys in this room  - Not happening - someone is going to get hurt
Pottery Barn Kids

Love this idea but in a more modern way
Desire to Inspire
One of my favorite rooms of all time
Domino Magazine

Absolutely Beautiful Things 

Calypso Beds

Coastal Living 

Coastal Living 
More inspiration here 


  1. Love the built-in bunk bed look, especially with the curtains, so cute and cozy looking. Would help with floor space

  2. i loove these ideas...a bit excited to see you found some of them over my way too! Love the ropes too - we stayed in a hotel in mexico where the bed was suspended from ropes...was really cool untill the man got sick..then it wasnt so cool! lol
    sal x

  3. I love the one from Desire to Inspire, though it does make me recall an Annie scene, if you know what I mean. Curtains for privacy and trunks for storage are a great idea, and can also function as props for make-believe playing:)

  4. A site with lots of different bunk bed designs (including underbed storage). .

  5. I still cant believe you are moving.

    Your kids are going to love this.

  6. Could this be any more cute?! I'll keep my eyes peeled for anymore good ideas!

  7. - Louise posted a fun 4 bed space yesterday, Suze!

  8. I have always loved a Vogue article about Bobby Brown's home in the Hamptons. She did a row of beds for her boys...I think she called it a sleeping loft. Its worth researching. The issue is probably from no more than 10 years ago.

  9. what great ideas for a big design dilemma! I've always wanted a bunk house in a lake or mountain home where all the grandkids and cousins could share great memories. Maybe I'll get that one day and use these photos for inspiration! Great collection.

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  11. Beautiful options! I personally like the 1st, 6th and last pictures before the jump.

    Some of the others like the 2nd and 9th remind me of something you might see in Nanny McPhee.

  12. Love your blog! hope you'll check out mine as well :D decor obsessed unite!

  13. Check out Steven Gambrel's online him, and he has some really gorgeous built in bunk beds for children.

  14. SO much inspiration on your blog!! Lovely:)

  15. Thanks for posting this! Some very cool ideas here. I have been looking for ideas for our mountain cabin with multiple beds and have been stuck on how to make it work.

  16. Attractive bunk beds are so needed in the decorating world! Great Post!
    Just when I think I've seen it all,
    something else comes along. Such great ideas!

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  18. Awesome work and images i am planning to replace my kids bed with twin over bunk bed

  19. These pics are great inspiration for multi-person sleeping quarters! I think the hanging bunk beds are great!! same with the cubby-type rooms with curtains to close them off. It's great! thanks for sharing!

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