Monday, August 9, 2010

Michele Bonan ...Molto Bene!!!!

Michele Bonan is such an inspiration Here are some of my favorite rooms.

These Chairs Kill Me - I love them with a passion!

The only visual reason to use mustard on your walls and the only way to make it work

Divine Dine in Paris tres Dior

JK Capri - I will be there one day.

The TV on the mantel doesn't even bother me - you?

Pool Furniture question solved - This is perfection

Love the images on top of the door and the black painting above the fire place - how cool would it be if that was chalk board?

Black and White Awnings with black shutters, Green flawless plants  a white gravel driveway and a vintage bike - This is my IDEAL
Relaxation room - we all need one!

PS - You can get the furniture, lighting , rugs and pillows under his products page