Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coffee tables for Thelma

Yesterday I had a fabulous lunch with my friend Thelma Golden and we had a great chat about decor. She just bought this Jonathan Adler  couch in this color and is looking for the perfect coffee table to go with any suggestions will be appreciated!!!!  Here are my picks .

My number one pick would be this amazing ottoman coffee table from Ralph Lauren Home but wait - What do we think of too much tufting? 

Love this suggestion from Living Life Out Loud  it is Plexi Craft 
Thelma could put something AMAZING underneath from Turquoise LA

Jonathan Adler 

Hudson Furniture 

In Mod  $215

In Mod


  1. Hey Suze! Glad you had fun with Thelma; I'm loving the option of putting something underneath the clear glass!

  2. First and foremost, I would give my best friend's first born child (sorry Katie) to have lunch with Ms. Golden. She has been an inspiration to me since I saw her on TV when I was in high school. Second, I think lucite would be the best for the couch.

    Something like this: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_7voWRpt7Li4/R1ECZ4uEGVI/AAAAAAAAAXI/Rjun-1tcWh4/s400/Mandarin+Table.jpg

    It's clear and has curved lines to counter-balance the boxiness of the couch. Second, it still allows you to have a wonderful rug play a central role in the room jutxaposing the velvet of the couch texture-wise with a wonderful wool rug.

    On a side note, hope the move is going well....

  3. Thanks Courtney and Will. Courtney Where is that divine Coffee table from - want to post it :)

  4. The table is called the Mandarin Cocktail Table and is from one of my favorite places for lucite and plexi furniture www.Plexi-Craft.com.


    They do some really great pieces at fairly affordable prices when compared to lucite or clear resin prices.

    It's one of my favorite pieces in their collection.

  5. fun choices! I love the rustic wood one - I think it would be so unexpected with the tufted couch or the plexi one would allow for a stunning rug underneath. love the couch! :)

  6. If you're going the lucite route, you can use a lucite trunk as a coffee table (I think Jenny from LGN once did/featured this option).
    I love the Room Service table!
    The Ralf Lauren- pretty, but too much tufting.

  7. my favorite are the last two i think. that couch is INSANE. can't go wrong no matter what

  8. Marianne posted one today from ikea that would look great with that sofa + it's super budget friendly...although she might not care if she can afford that sofa:) http://havenandhome.blogspot.com/2010/08/hilow-coffee-table.html

  9. I say the Tufted one is TOO much tuft, sorry. I really like the Johnathan Adler one if you stick in a "monochromatic" look or the Hudson on if you want some eclectic sparks in the room...my vote: Hudson.

  10. um, yes to all of them! this chica is going to have a hard decision on her hands. totally jealous of the couch btw.

  11. Thanks for the shout out on the blog :)

  12. The second I saw the couch I immediately thought Lucite. She could do something cool underneath and even change it out as the mood suits her. That would be fun!

  13. Although I love the tufted look I would not pair it with this sofa. The lucite table with the LV suitcase in it would be so much fun,, it can be a showstopper piece. Also the other plexi table could give an opportunity for an amazing rug and the modern clear table would tie everything together and go away at the same time.
    Good luck@! :)