Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Christina Murphy Interiors..an Important Detail in Every Room

Thanks COCOCOZY for not only posting my apartment but for turning me on to Christina Murphy Interiors 

COLOR:  Green black and white always works! In Domino (PS - LOVE Seagrass wall paper!)
Lucite:  Another reason to buy the CB2 Stools and let's not ignore the backsplash and pendants

Ceiling:  Yes to the orange ceiling!

Pattern on Pattern:   The Ikat (groovy) mixed with the black and white carpet makes a statement ..but it would even be cooler if they kept the frame of the fireplace white and painted the wall black to hide the tv . Just a thought.
Anytime I see a nailhead against white I feel happy

Perfect built-ins:   This looks so much like my bedroom

Add a MAJOR Mirror: This screams perfectionist - my goal!

Oversized Light Fixtures and a chic Backsplash:  You can't help but think why didn't I buy those . From Domino - Lights Circa Lighting


  1. Those orange ceilings in that entryway are killing me, Suze! Love them!

    P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment on my 10 things post yesterday! xo

  2. Loads of eye candy here. Especially loving the room with a mix of patterns.

  3. The backsplash in that kitchen is so pretty, I don't think I'd ever get sick of it.

  4. i love that backsplash and the pendants and of course the orange ceiling!

  5. Christina is amazing! Just wait 'til you see her latest story in Sept 2010 House Beautiful! Gorgeous!

  6. gorgeous. I need to find the poor mans way of having such nice style.