Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 New Books By Jonathan Adler that you want to PRE ORDER

Don't be jelous but I am looking at the gallies right now for Jonathan Adler's two new books that are coming out in November 

Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors and Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Accessorizing 

and what can I say - THEY ROCK!!!!!! Just reading them makes me exstatic and I am pre ordering Now.  There are so many cool new images that I am flipping out! I found some on the site Elle Decor France 
Photos Gilles Trillard

Some new images I have never seen appear in the book and I just forund them on the French Elle Decor Site - This is Jonathan and Simon Doonan' s NYC apt

Is this the coolest ping pong table - EVER?

Honestly - where do I begin - WOW

Everything about this room moves me - the ceiling - fig tree- lamps - pottery - carpet- chair EVERYTHING!


  1. I would sell my mother for either of those chevron rugs. I am in lust. Once again I bow before J.A. and his mighty decortating skills.

  2. Oh My Word. Suze. This has made by day, week, year! Thank you! I adore JA's style!

  3. I pre-ordered them the minute they popped on amazon. Love JA.

  4. These images are very convincing! Who could be sad in such happy spaces?!

  5. The orange shower curtain is too cool!

  6.! Jonathan Adler is a genius!

  7. omg, this is awesome. great x-mas gift ideas...definitely adding these two books to my list:)

  8. woo hoo I cant wait!! :-)

  9. And how pray tell do you have this inside track to Jonny?
    His first book saved my life post Katrina, and ever since then I consider him to my decor boyfriend LOL.
    Thanks for sharing this fab scoop! I will be pre- ordering for sure.
    xo xo

  10. All that orange and green makes me very happy.

  11. Hi Suze! Wanted to share that we included this terrific post in our Weekly Link Love piece!

    Thanks so much for the peek! We're big fans of Dwellers Without Decorators...


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